How To Create A Lifestyle Business With SaaS?


I was working too hard, managing 3 business that i built a few years down the road. Money was NOT an issue. I used to wake up in the morning, got to work. Too many things to do, small things, big things etc I tried all kinds of productivity management stuff, it wasn’t quite working for me, I even created a course called productivity protocols learning from the process. Either way, I was working too hard. I was doing things I did not wanted to deal with. Thankfully I delegated most... Read The Rest →

Let’s Talk Viral Growth Hacking

Viral Growth Hacking

In this podcast, the third episode, I talk about some of the viral growth hacking strategies that I’ve tested for games and SaaS apps. Links mentioned in the podcast: (no affiliation with anyone whatsoever) and

How To Design Web-Apps That Sells

Web-App UI design

So I just had this cinnamon tea and I’m pumped with energy, thought would bang out the key board and pump out a nice article for ya’all Anyway, I wanna talk about good design and how important it is for us web-app and SaaS entrepreneurs. Well, the process is something I’ve explained in this video: But why is design important? Okay before you read from here on, I want you to go and watch the video above, its good. All righty, so now here is why good design is super... Read The Rest →

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