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You know what’s harder than making money?


If you don’t know how to manage your money, you’re gonna have a bad time. REALLY bad time.

Anxieties will be triggered, and stress will start to eat you up leading you towards maniac depression.

The key here is to be extremely logical with how you spend your cash.

A Complete Step By Step Strategy Guide


A few years ago when I was starting up, I had amazing ideas that I thought were gonna make me hundreds of millions of dollars.

Most of them failed to generate anything whatsoever.

A painful lesson I learned after those failures was that if no one has ever done something like that, don’t do it.

However, there are exceptions to this.

Let’s say if you got a new innovative design for sleeping masks.

That will work, why?

Because sleeping masks are already selling and you got something unique about yours that would help you stand out.

But when it comes to “inventing” something, that could be a tricky move.

The point it, when you’re starting up, try to go with something tested and proven.

Which means: People are looking for it and have that problem for which you’re offering a solution


Which leads us into:

All righty folks, two posts in one day!

In the video, I talk about vision and having a roadmap and kinda walked you through our company’s vision as I see it as well as how to draft a roadmap. 

Now I want to talk about staying focused on your roadmap, I’m about to reveal a brilliant strategy for it!

I was originally recording this for my inner circle members of this thing I do call business vlogs.


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