And start getting stuff done without stress, anxiety or fear

Stop Being Overwhelmed

Hey, I didn’t see you there! I see you’re too busy feeling overwhelmed.

It’s not uncommon to have some anxiety before starting anything…

Whether if it’s a new business, marketing campaign, writing something or something simple as planning a trip.

The main problem occurs is when we try to envision ourselves failing to do something, or doubting our own capacity to complete a task.

We see the consequences and pain of failure of completing a particular project and to save ourselves from that emotional feeling, we procrastinate or start to feel burned out. 

Behind The Scenes Of How It All Works


NOTE: This post is intended towards more advanced media buyers and advertisers. This is a case study in general.

This week I did some deep research about auction types and one of the most fascinating and complicated one was VCG auction. 

Why was I researching on this?

To learn some ins and outs of how facebook’s bidding strategy has been implemented so we can be more efficient at our media buying campaigns.

    And The Tools of Today...

    I was reading Ray Kurzweil and the idea fascinates me.

    A few decades ago a certain company thought of computer as a bicycle or a tool in a nutshell. That thinking was clearly inspired from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was a damn good movie, it left an ungodly amount of influence on us, and individuals behind the products we cherish today.

    NO BS Strategy For Preventing Users Cancelling Subscription Of Your SaaS App

    how to prevent saas cancellation

    Hey so I’ll keep this short and to the point

    Recently a client of mine was having a problem with cancellation i.e users cancelling their subscription to his SaaS.

    His app had really poor retention rate. So I thought how can we fix this issue?