10 Awesome Ways To Make Sure That Your New Year Resolutions Happen

New years resolutions tips

New Year’s resolutions are something that we all make at the end of each year. But what you may not know is that most of the New Year’s resolutions never happen, as a matter of fact, somewhere around 90% of New Year’s resolutions never happen in most people’s life.

So to make sure that your New Year resolutions ACTUALLY happen, here are the 10 awesome ways to get things done:

  • Take a 90 days challenge

Whether you wanna lose/gain weight? Or master any new skill? This 90 day challenge thing works pretty damn fine. The mental state of pressure that builds inside us when we take a 90 day challenge motivates us towards taking actions or at least baby steps. So the best way to achieve a goal is to take a 90 day challenge. Over the course of 90 days, spend first 10 days brain storming the subject, action steps and do the following.


  • Create a result driven plan

Without it, you are driving a car without Map in GTA, you will get lost, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re mission will fail, although in most cases without the map you’ll fail. But with a map, things become a lot easier.

new year resolutions requires planning

This is one of the biggest reasons why most New Year’s resolutions fail – Lack of result oriented planning.

Here is the trick, while creating an action plan, arrange the tasks according to the outcome that they give. The maximum outcome goes first and least at the bottom. Then take that 90 or whatever day challenge and execute it.


  • Implement Igniter® Frameworks

Igniter Frameworks are a set of world class frameworks and brilliant systems that helps people who are committed, to move towards the next level of human evolution. Igniter is an intensive result oriented peak performance and personal growth training program. The promise of it is that if you go through the frameworks and implement them, it will result in the biggest breakthrough you’ll ever had.

If you don’t think you can invest in it, don’t worry, just get the free training and download the free exercises that are available and you can still make it very well.


  • Get a life coach or a performance coach

A coach is someone who will measure your result, see through your actions and optimize them for maximum outcome. Even I have hired coaches in different areas of my life, Tony Robbins’ platinum club and business masterminds of some other experts helped me maintain a positive mindset and keep me on track.

If you can’t afford one, just find inspiration and follow the footsteps.


  • Find your passion and stick to it

If you don’t go towards what you want, you’ll never have it, and if you don’t take positive and continuous action, you’ll never move forward or succeed. Pleasures of life come from doing what you love, everything else, is secondary.

So find a purpose, why you matter and why you should do what you do best.


So how do we find our passion? I did my best to explain that in the video below:



  • Get in shape

Just get in shape, you don’t wanna be a fatty or out of shape person because later in life, it will result in instant fatigue if you do anything physical, lack of mental awareness and all sorts of diseases and illness.

It will result in vascular problems, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders and much more. Who want’s that?

In short, it will not only shorten your life span, but also you won’t be able to live with your full bodily potential.

So, take a 90 day challenge and get in shape before mid-2012.


  • Go for a vacation

Take break and go out on a vacation with your friends or family. Stay in a resort, get some weird Asian massages. Experience the natural beauty; meet an old friend or a family member.

Completely cut yourself from your work for a while. This will burst your stress and refresh your pattern and cycle of work, providing you energy to focus.

Go for photography of natural things, participate in a racing competition, go for a “Zero G” ride and do other crazy things.

Here is what I’m doing before mid-2012:

        [list style=”list2″ color=”black”]

        • Go for bungee jumping
        • Sell 2000 seats of the live event
        • Go for “zero G”
        • Attend more masterminds and host one business mastermind
        • Attend Tony Robbins business mastery (I do that every year)
        • Buy a house in San Francisco
        • Go to Russia for a vacation
        • Go to Madagascar for a vacation
        • Try to find a decent date without online dating crap
        • Create a short film


These are the stuff I’m implementing before mid-2012. Post your list in comments section.


  • Detoxify your brain

This is the single most important point of this article and you MUST do it. Brain detoxification is as or in some cases more important than body detoxification.

Cut the crap!

Turn off the television. Television destroys the human mind a lot more than people think it does. 90% of general news is negative news and the one they show about other stuff is either relevant to glamour or anything not relevant to your life. We share 98.6% of the DNA with gorillas, you cannot control irrational fears that negative thoughts will create and it will put you in a pattern of thoughts that requires a lot more than you think to break.

Same goes for magazines, general newspapers or engaging in gossips.

Subscribe to entrepreneur magazine, success magazine and read books that leaves some positive and you actually learn something from them.

If you really wanna watch television, watch comedy stuff.


Watch and share clips like this:

If you think for a while, you’ll realize that at core, people are good.



  • Measure your performance, improve and repeat

When you take an action towards attainment of your goal and you fail, the best thing you can do is measure – improve –repeat.

Follow this cycle until you achieve your goal or say resolutions. If you master this step and implement it on all of your New Year resolutions, you will definitely attain it sooner or later. The best thing is what you learn from it.


  • Take a positive action that has an optimal outcome

Cause without it, you move nowhere…

So, I hope this year isn’t “just another year” for you. I wish you make a difference and make this year your best year ever, because you took some positive actions and made it all happen.

In short, make this year that kind of year in which you can say to yourself at the end of your life – this is when it all started – 2012.

I wish you a very happy New Year. I hope I helped you with your journey.

Until then, be good. Get charged and live on.



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Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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  1. Goals are very important and can be life changing for your bisness. I write mine down, hang it on the wall in my office so I can see it every day.

  2. Shit Wayne! This is an awesome post. My resolution is to have a child, start saving for his college, buy my own house and take my business to a level further. Thanks man, you made my day!

    • having a child is easy if you’re married, but commitments that you make when you becomes a dad is hard. But I guess you’re already motivated by the affection you have towards your child. Awesome man, I love your videos, imma subscriber. 🙂

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