25 Important Health Tips For Hardcore Gamers And Prolong Computer Users

Health Tips For Extreme Computer Users And Gamers

Sitting too long can kill you fast. Decrease your age significantly, but if you follow even half of the tips mentioned below, you can do all the gaming you like without any health related risks at all.1

This also applies to the people who sit in front of a computer for extreme duration of time. If you are building a startup, consider creating an environment for everyone who works in it by taking the note of the points mentioned below. This can really enhance the creativity as well as productivity in your working environment as well.

I’ve learned all these things by experience and learning from here and there, you know. So I would like to pass some of these tips to you.

There are some body hacking activities you can do to eliminate the damage too much sitting in front of computer does to your body. Here are some tips that I’ve compiled that you can use and implement in your life:

  1. Use eye lubricant or doctor prescribed eye drops, staring and concentrating in front of a screen and lower the number of times we wink our eyes, which is not good for the eyes because it reduces the moisture in it, which will cause strain.
  2. Invest in an ergonomic chair designed to support your back, neck and arms
  3. Use ergonomic mouse or keyboard
  4. Take a break between missions and do some physical activity like walking
  5. Drink plenty of water – Always have a bottle on your desk. Another thing is that drinking more water will make you take more bathroom breaks, which will force and motivate you to keep getting up from your desk.
  6. Drink green tea without sugar. Tea is healthy and it is kinda like my elixir, I love it!
  7. At least 30 minutes of vigorous workout is recommended once a day if not twice, if you can manage to do 15 minutes of vigorous work out 2 times a day, it is still better than not working out at all.
  8. Take more fiber and avoid shitty food (fast food, high sugar  too much or empty calories). Fiber will reduce bad cholesterol level and decrease colon cancer risk, which is above average for extreme sitters like us.
  9. Do a quick body stretching every 3 hours
  10. Use sea bands to cope from video game sickness. Wear one while you are playing, especially FPS. There are other bands too that can help you prevent motion sickness. Its generally called “acupuncture wrist bands to prevent motion sickness.”
  11. Suck a little cube of ginger to cope from video game sickness, there are some ginger tablets and gum available too that you can try.
  12. Always use anti-glare and anti-reflective screens
  13. Use foam balls or rubber balls to exercise your wrists
  14. Invest in a posture correcting device (saw that kick starter one?)
  15. Use a controller instead of a keyboard or mouse
  16. Cut on sugar, caffeine and eliminate all kinds of high fructose corn syrups. This is recommended even if they don’t cause motion sickness. They generally makes you hyper.
  17. Don’t forget to take your share of 8 hours of sleep
  18. Take one 20 minute nap at 3 pm assuming that you wake up at 6 am
  19. Rotate your neck to give it a little exercise every 2 hours
  20. Stare at any bright colored distant thing(s) or an object for 20 seconds, every 30 minutes when gaming (or something outside the window)
  21. Use better quality headphones or sound system and keep the volume on a safe level (low volume level is always better)
  22. Never skip any meals, buy a timer and set it up. Create a routine and never break it. Use apps to stick to it.
  23. Visit your doctor every 12 months (I visit every 6 months) for a complete health and physiological checkups – even if you’re not a gamer or any ultra-extreme computer worker
  24. Avoid 3D gaming (Nintendo 3DS) or any extreme eye straining activity
  25. Relax, take a deep breath and meditate. Completely cut yourself from everything for at least 5 minutes each day

Bonus: Never stop playing games.

Bonus 2: Visit your eye doctor every 6 months for eye testing. Whenever you are buying glasses, make sure they are high quality anti-glare or anti-reflective. Ask him to prescribe you an eye lubricant drop too.

Other things that I didn’t mentioned above is, try playing in a pattern of shirt sessions. It will train your brain into thinking that what you are doing isn’t physically harming you. This will help you train your body to deal with video game motion sickness.

Sit far away from the screen in a properly lit room, which generally isn’t possible for hardcore PC gamers like me, oculis rift will cause a lot of motion sickness for people and tips above will help you enjoy the gaming experience oculis rift provides.

1 – I’m not a doctor. I don’t play doctor. This is NOT an alternative to professional medical advice or treatment in any way whatsoever.

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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