3 Intensely Important Time Management Rules That I Learned The Hard Way

Time Management Rules


Hey there, it’s me again.

Been a long time since I haven’t done any blog post.

Recently, I made this commitment of doing one really good blog post every week.

Before that I had some ideas but I didn’t write a blog post on it because I thought it was not worth it.

If I wanna do a post I’m gonna make sure it’s deep and really strategic when it comes to helping you out.

My purpose is NOT to give you information or my personal opinion. I don’t see how that can help you out…

…But to give you some things that I’ve actually implemented and things that have had greater impact in the results I’m generating in my business.

This is one of those posts… Strictly for entrepreneurs only.

Anyway, let’s start!

1. Your time will be sucked in unless you violently defend it from leechers.

This one is biggie.

There will be some people. Friends, family members, general people who will leech your time.

It doesn’t mean they are bad, but they have a habit of taking it away.

Same goes for phone calls, emails, pings, social media.

You may wonder that it’ll only take 2 minutes to address these things

But actually they are psychological triggers that break your focus pattern and it takes a lot of time getting that flow back.

Here is my advise: Schedule these things with a start and an end timer.

See things that you can delegate.

I have a VA who takes care of most of these things.

I also use some apps like ITTT to make sure automation rules.

Most To Do Lists & Calendars Are BS

Here is why: the items have start times but no end times.

All my stuff and tasks etc have an end time.

A flight has a take off time and an arrival time. I ain’t getting on board if the arrival time is: whenever.

If you just make this change, you change your entire life…


Tell me this: what is one thing that you cannot get back?

You can replace lost customers, lost sales, replenish loss revenue,

…you can watch that show you have to watch

…you can regain any resource that you may have lost because of stuff you didn’t do…

But you can’t gain your time back, not one second, not even a nano-sec.

You need to eliminate some things to focus on your main thing, where you can produce stuff that has the most impact on your business

You need to make sure that you’re NOT doing things that have tiny or no impact on your business…

You need to measure

You need to measure, if not doing this thing that I hate results this X amount of lost revenue…

How can I make changes or do the stuff that I actually like in the business to replenish that lost revenue?

This will reduce stress and bring quality in your business and the results it generates.

Which leads us to second rule:

2. Work On Your Own Terms

This is important.

You don’t have to be always available.

You don’t have to be nice every time

You don’t have to work on someone else’s terms.

This is your business. This is how you prefer to deliver value.

See what works for you, choose your attack and keep on polishing it.

Focus on big picture. For example: if you were to look 12 months back to this very date from the future, what would need to have happened in an order to call this year successful and made you super happy

This changes the way we deal with our action items.

Now based on this, create your schedule for an entire month if not year, and what you need to do, when to start and finish working on it and so on to achieve X

Another point is, don’t focus on productivity “techniques” from random people.

Because simply, we all are unique beings with unique perception that’s shaped from our surroundings and the experiences we have had since childhood…

Just because method A worked for person B doesn’t mean that it’s gonna work for you.

-> Find out what works for you

-> Find out the ideal environment you need to be in, what works for you

-> and stick to it by eliminating things that you hate doing the most by either delegating or eliminating completely.

Speaking of environment, you need to surround yourself with right people, I know that’s what everyone says, right?

But I do it differently.

I play baseball…

3. The Baseball Rule

If somebody who is a partner, client, somebody in my life…

Who is draining my energy, my focus and simply if it’s not working out.

I give him/her three strikes.

See, you need to work on your own terms.

You can’t let other people’s mistakes hold you back.

That doesn’t mean kick them away.

Talk to them, explain them how you work and what they need to keep in mind next time and a rationale behind that – make that strike 1.

Three Strikes and they’re out.

No compromise here.

If somebody is draining that level of energy out of you, he is not worth the stress.

You’ll probably be better off getting rid of him/her.

Life is short and your ultimate resource i.e. your time is extremely valuable.

You spend a lot of time running your business, make sure you’re doing what you love and that you’re enjoying the process.

If you don’t love your process right now, use the aforementioned rules, implement them to shape the process in a way that works for you.




Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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