Tea is Healthier than Water

Green tea is healthy

I saw this news on BBC and my love for tea enhanced. I’ve been a tea drinker for my whole life. Tea is better than most or say all beverages available. So drink tea instead of stuff like bear or soda.

The coolest thing is that tea especially green, white and yellow tea has enough anti-oxidant to prevent you from certain diseases. It’s a great anti-aging drink. But the reason why I’m writing this post is just for giving you some tips and warning about tea.

White tea is healthiest tea followed by green and yellow. Drinking 5 cups daily can prevent you from cancer. Do not take green tea after 9 at night. Because green tea is also rich in caffeine, it may prevent you from a good night sleep.

Drinking black tea with citrus after meals will make your digesting system rock. So always have a great back tea with citrus after meals. Studies found that most of the antioxidant are not absorbed into the bloodstream when tea is drunk by itself. The study, however, found that adding citrus to the tea lowers the pH in the small intestine and causes more of the catechins to be absorbed.

A cup of black tea without sugar with 5 to 10 drops of fresh lemon juice also have anti-venom effects. Having a three or more cups of tea reduces chances of stroke by 20% as suggested in International Stroke Conference 2009.

There are thousands of benefits of drinking tea, from boosting immune system to curing cancer. Check out my references below for more details. The truth is that if tea is consumed properly, it is healthier than water. So what are the precautions? Here are they

  • Avoid having tea with Milk, study at Berlin University found that adding milk to tea will block the normal, healthful effects that tea has. However you may have milk with tea occasionally, but avoid adding milk with tea in normal usage. While plant based milk like Soya Milk does not have the same effects.
  • Do not drink hot tea, have warm instead. Drink tea at least after 5 minutes after pouring.
  • Do not take tea after 9 in the night. Take tea 3 hours before you sleep. However you can take decaffeinated tea.
  • Check your calorie intake, having 6 cups of tea a day with sugar can increase your daily calorie intake, avoid having sugar with tea. Take on when necessary.
  • Consult your doctor if you have kidney stone problems or something like that before starting regular tea routine. Do not take more than 1 or 2 cups of tea if you have kidney stone problem.

So have a great cup tea and enjoy your day!







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