Protected: 8 Reasons Why Indian and Chinese Economy is Doomed

    Economic downfall of India and China

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    Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.
    • Kyle Johnson

      The freedom part is the most important one. Without it, we won’t be the greatest nation on the planet.

    • Jimmy Gamli

      LMFAO, this is an excellent article XD 

      I love your political satire.

    • Johncho

      “Do you know after the publication of this article, this website is gonna get blocked by the great firewall of China?” – You did that on purpose right XD

    • Mark Sanborn
      Ya know what, each American owes nearly $100,000. Its about time we stop pointing fingers, stop the party bickering, sit down and figure out this god damn mess. Cause we are all in this mess now, for better or worse we will all suffer through this. Its time to put politics aside and develop a clear plan.

    • Grace

      Can this 3D printer print Wayne Harrel?

    • Priyanka

      This is good,if u want to make Americans feel happy for some time:)
      India is a Democracy and multicultural,multilingual and has many religions practicing with FREEDOM,FYI.Please travel the world more often and stay longer before claiming yours to be the best.

    • Brendon Bgrade

      Now that’s what I’ve been yelling for all the time but people just doesn’t seem to get it tight.

    • Grace

      Alright…Wayne Harrel…Don’t worry…I’m not a stalker as per your claim…Since you detest our friendship so much…I quit making it up to you…By the way…I just want to tell you that your idol…Steven Job was a narcissist while he was alive…and I hope that you will practice discernment when following his train of thoughts, leadership style and belief…Bye forever…Mr Wayne Harrel…I wish you all the best…now and forever…God bless… 

    • Naomi Jo

      nice Wayne. 

    • Doomed

      The stupid congress government has been involved in scam after scam – 2G scam is the WORLD RECORD SCAM  1.5 LAKH CRORE RUPEES LOOTED. Manmohan singh is the the chief looter.Then Adharsh scam, Coal scam, Cash-for-votes for scam. Supreme court just freed these megalooters.Tax dept is busy trying to loot the common man try to “meet their targets”.Politicians can display or hide cash like some piece and tax dept wont do anything, wherease forcommon man there is unnecessary tax notices. During Karunanidhi birthday, lakhs worthof rupees notes was worn by him was garland – but he did not get tax notice.India already faces the ills like Govt sponsored caste system, govt sponsored fake casesagainst those who protest, govt sponsored black money, govt sponsored racsism and favouritism (not to mention the unfamous imposition of “Hindi” by govt machinery at tax-payers money), It seems India should have been better of as British colony.  The so-called “Independencewas the biggest mistake.

    • Rage Against Fraudy

      All Indians thieves go home.