A Cohesive Traffic Buying Strategy To Help You Get Started Right Away

and some food for thought...

In this video, I’ll show you a basic strategy that you can model if you’re just getting started with paid traffic.

Paid traffic can be one of the most powerful and reliable things in your business if you know how to buy and convert leads using it.

This was a casual video, lots of live bloopers, sorry about that. 🙂 I didn’t feel like re-shooting it so you’ll just have to deal with it. 🙂

One important thing is that buying paid media is much more than just this one model. It requires a ton of research, snooping your competitors, mining data about your audience and running a ton of different tests. 

Converting paid media is also very hard if you don’t have a solid backend or an email sequence to bond with your customer by sending them extremely relevant messages.

And one last tip would be: Treat your “lead” like your good pal, you’re in the business of building profitable long-term relationship, people LOVE to buy, it’s just that few people try to sell them nicely the product they WANT. The keyword here is the “product.” That what they’re in for – The product and what it does.

Most people hit them with upsells and downsells right away.

That strategy works in certain niches, like for example, if you’re selling something to a guy in dating niche, it make sense there cause this guy probably won’t be single in next 6 to 12 months so maximum relationship duration he can possibly have with you is 10 months.

If you have relevant products, then you can definitely offer him upsells. And by relevant, meaning that if someone is buying a cell phone which is the most relevant thing he could buy immediately as an upsell? A screen protector or protective case.

Most people who have upsells try to sell their customers something expensive which pisses them off.

Similarly in Finance niche, one of our clients has average relationship duration of a lead of 7.5 years. And during the first 5 years, the average value per customer is over $20k.

Most people are 55+ year old conservative people.

With this kinda audience, you wanna tread lightly, don’t hit them with hard immediate upsells unless it absolutely makes the most logical sense.

Because it can decrease your long term value per customer. At least that’s what’s been tested by them.

You wanna focus on relationships with your customers because that’s how you sell products and obviously, selling crappy products can be hazardous for that. So, always try to over deliver the value.

So that’s some food for thought…

With that being said, this is a great strategy to model if you’re just getting started with paid media and have some kind of backend.


– Wayne

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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