A Little Bit About Wayne Harrel


Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Thrib® Technologies that is the parent company of number of startups like Hatchboy, Cotton Cafe etc.

Wayne Harrel is a tech angel investor and CEO of Zielix® Incubator. Wayne has worked for a number of startup’s initial product launches in SaaS and mobile app industry. Wayne has designed viral growth hacking campaigns and strategies for a couple of multiplayer AAA games as well.

Wayne has also co-founded Hudson Lockwood® Capital Partners and currently serving there as a technology business consultant and a partner.

HLCP specializes in Investment banking, asset & capital management. I Fired Wall Street® is a subsidiary of Hudson Lockwood.

The main purpose of Zielix Incubator is to incubate startups, new SaaS and technology businesses efficiently and research some investment opportunities for HLCP by being cost effective, as well as creating an incubation hatchery for talented entrepreneurs by giving them everything they need to ship their products and be profitable as a business.

Wayne is currently working full time at Zielix® Incubator and part time for a new secret project.


Wayne also writes about technology and some random stuff on his blog. He is also a vocal supporter of privacy, transhumanism and net neutrality.