The Single Most Ungodly Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned In My Entire Career

Important Lesson

[dropcap type=”2″]I [/dropcap]was talking to my traffic and operations coordinator the other day about the systems for automating certain critical lead gen aspects of one of our few businesses.

We were working on some checklists and their efficacy to see how they fit and value it brings and how can we tie it all up together in an excel sheet type of format to quickly access it.

The reason why were doing this and automating the hell out of everything is because of this one single lesson we’ve learned over the period of past few years of nightmares, stress, sleepless nights, and frustrations…

That lesson is: The biggest bottleneck to making money is having to make decisions, frequently. (or trying to be redundant with them)

Ajax, the traffic master told me that John Reese (super cool marketing expert) said that somewhere, probably on his Facebook.

I would put it like this: Making decisions is the biggest frictions when it comes to moving forward smoothly in any area, especially if you are doing it several times a week.

So the more decisions you can make in advance, the more smoothly you can move forward without any friction.

Heck you can even have systems in place to execute tasks based on those decisions and a process you crafted based on this philosophy.

Listen, I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of this…

This is the most valuable lesson I’ve learned in my entire life

Ever wonder why some multi-hundred or billion dollar businesses have been able to stay in business for many decades?

This is the one of the chief reasons why they’ve been able to stay in business for so long.

Here is why it’s important:

When I used to work on starting a new project, the biggest frustration used to come with ideas… Its not just coming up with ideas, how do you know it will work? It’s a lot of work like:

Coming up with one, and then validating, then testing, then working on the product, then copy and then traffic and lead gen etc…

I didn’t had any concrete systems in place.

So I started to work on replicating what’s working out there and work my way towards improving the results I was getting from my actions.

This changed things for me because now I don’t have to innovate or come up with something new.

I just did what was working for me. What worked for me in the past

This eliminated me wasting time, thinking, researching, stressing on stupid stuff.

You get the idea…

See, you’re getting paid to take action, so focus on that.

You shouldn’t be trying emulate things that have worked for a very few people, focus on what worked for you and explore on why it did.

This will give you an idea about its situational importance and will help you come up with process which you can then later on turn into system that someone else can execute upon.

And one other thing that was one hell of a big bottleneck for me was this psychological phenomenon called Learned Helplessness.

Tim Ferriss talked about this in his book (4HWW) as well. Here is a cool video that explains it deeply:


The way this was affecting me, is when I knew about what I need to do (actions, decisions and anxiety of “what if I’m wrong”), I was constantly investing in several information products by “experts” who’ll tell you stuff that’s general common sense and you thought about it in the first place.

And it helps certain kinds of us who’re not aware of this phenomenon mentioned above in that video.

We try to justify our nervousness about taking action and try to relieve it by going through someone else telling us to do the same… someone who is an “expert.”

However, it’s a bottleneck and a friction, cause it slows you down and hold you back significantly.

Ya know I sent an email to my list talking about being ready for taking a major action…

And why they’re not ready.

If you’re not on my list there must be a form somewhere on this page, sign up cause you’ll be missing out on a ton of cool stuff like this.

Start before you feel ready.

You see, growth must be something that makes you feel unprepared and uncertain. If it was comfortable and easy, it wouldn’t be growth…
It would be normal, standard and It would be who you already are…

There will NEVER be a perfect time to do something that stretches you.

You can’t be ready for true growth.

That’s WHY it’s growth.

All you can do is step into it with EVERYTHING you’ve got.

So, give yourself a radical reboot.

This is the most valuable advice I could ever give you as an entrepreneur.

Adios – Harrel

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P.S. – Nervousness and anxiety are normal, and sometimes we’re not aware of it, and it pulls some of us into depression. So deal with that feeling, figure out what’s causing it and face it strategically. Trust me, it gets better as time goes by, you become stronger and more capable learning from mistakes.

P.P.S – Your ability to succeed as an entrepreneur has to do with making decisions in advance, taking action and bouncing back quickly after learning from the bad ones.

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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