[CASE STUDY] Doc&Do with Frank Curtin

How Frank built Doc&Do, and lessons in hindsight.


About the app: Doc&Do allows you to document things, ideas, logs, tasks and activities more effectively using a proven system.

The idea for this SaaS app came out of frustrations that Frank faced while running his own business. He found that effectively documenting things made things more intuitive and effective for him.


In his journey, Frank learned a lot and this case study will shed some light on those things.

About an year ago, Wayne and Frank had a phone call which changed the entire business model that Frank uses for selling Doc&Do.

When Frank and Wayne had their first call, Wayne told him about a weird and unique business model that very few people are trying.

That business model not only generates cash right away, but also funds your SaaS app, validates your idea and prevent you from spending too much on development.

Frank made a massive change and implemented that model.

This call, and the model Wayne and Frank will talk about has the potential to change the entire foundation of your business.

Most people sell SaaS using traditional model, which is why they go out of business really fast. However with the SaaS Academy model that you’re about to learn during this discussion, it’s exactly opposite.

What you’ll learn in this case study:


  1. About Frank and his background
  2. Discussion: Business model that Frank tested and what he changed after talking to Wayne
  3. Biggest frustrations
  4. Lessons in hindsight
  5. Hiring programmers
  6. Quick advice to people who are just starting out
  7. Quick advice to people with existing SaaS business
  8. 3 Phases of traction
  9. How Frank is using consulting to generate cash as well as a sales process to sell Doc & Do
  10. The systems both Wayne and Frank Use
  11. Book recommendations
  12. Conclusion

Click Here To Listen/Download The Case Study Interview

Book Recommendation: Traction

App: Tom’s Planner, Based on: Grannt Project

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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