Let’s Talk Viral Growth Hacking

Viral Growth Hacking

In this podcast, the third episode, I talk about some of the viral growth hacking strategies that I’ve tested for games and SaaS apps. Links mentioned in the podcast: (no affiliation with anyone whatsoever) http://infousa.com http://zielix.com/consulting http://unbounce.com http://ontraport.com and http://infusionsoft.com

How To Design Web-Apps That Sells

Web-App UI design

So I just had this cinnamon tea and I’m pumped with energy, thought would bang out the key board and pump out a nice article for ya’all Anyway, I wanna talk about good design and how important it is for us web-app and SaaS entrepreneurs. Well, the process is something I’ve explained in this video: But why is design important? Okay before you read from here on, I want you to go and watch the video above, its good. All righty, so now here is why good design is super... Read The Rest →

The Chipset Breakfast Podcast – Episode 1: Stale Business Cards and Apple Watch

The Chipset Breakfast by Wayne Harrel

Okay guys, so here it is, the new podcast and this is the first episode. I’m still working on the format of the flow, maybe we will have a video podcast in future, and yeah a new nice intro is also coming up. Here in this episode I’ll reveal a project I’m working on, apple watch and more stuff   Wayne P.S. – iTunes link hasn’t been updated yet, I’ll post it and tweet it as soon as its updated.

The Toothbrush Test for Life

Tooth brush test

Before acquiring companies Larry Page of Google asks this questions to his subordinates, does this passes the tooth brush test? Is this thing that we are planning to acquire is something we would be using like we use a toothbrush? Like once or twice daily, weather its the talent or technology we are bringing in? Is it as useful as a toothbrush? And this is one of the prime reason why Google is so successful with their hires. I learned a lot from this approach not just in business but... Read The Rest →

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