How ANYONE can build a SaaS-based business and grow it using one simple strategy

Today I’m gonna talk about one strategy that drastically altered the reality of how I used to do business and serve my clients.

And lemme tell you one thing, a lot of industry veterans might hate on me for revealing this to you, they might call me names and stuff, though it won’t matter as it would reveal them to be a bit hypocritical. Because I know some of the biggest companies in the world do this too. (I’ll share an example below)

All righty, let’s begin!

How Frank built Doc&Do, and lessons in hindsight.


About the app: Doc&Do allows you to document things, ideas, logs, tasks and activities more effectively using a proven system.

The idea for this SaaS app came out of frustrations that Frank faced while running his own business. He found that effectively documenting things made things more intuitive and effective for him.


In his journey, Frank learned a lot and this case study will shed some light on those things.

About an year ago, Wayne and Frank had a phone call which changed the entire business model that Frank uses for selling Doc&Do.

When Frank and Wayne had their first call, Wayne told him about a weird and unique business model that very few people are trying.

That business model not only generates cash right away, but also funds your SaaS app, validates your idea and prevent you from spending too much on development.

Frank made a massive change and implemented that model.

This call, and the model Wayne and Frank will talk about has the potential to change the entire foundation of your business.

Most people sell SaaS using traditional model, which is why they go out of business really fast. However with the SaaS Academy model that you’re about to learn during this discussion, it’s exactly opposite.

What you’ll learn in this case study:

A Declaration Of Revolt


Midnight, January 2004

I opened the window at 2 am to let the cold air in, it was a chilly night but I was sweating like a filthy pig from anxiety.

2004, I had a lot of money in my bank account. In fact it was enough that I could stop working and could live off of interest just on that.

I was having one of my usual dose of panic attacks that lasted over a decade.

I’m about to tell you a story of a crippling anxiety that almost killed me.

Lemme show you EGGZACTLY how I craft my marketing campaigns

Platinum+ Mental Hack Series

You might be wondering, well that’s a lame question!

I know what a lead is! Why are you asking me this question?

Here is why: How YOU define YOUR leads could make a HUGE difference in your business.

This is a strategy I’ve learned a long time ago and it changed the way I design my marketing campaigns and I’m sure it will change yours too…

A lesson in hindsight...


In this audio, I wanted to talk to you guys about anxiety and how to overcome it. This is intended specifically for entrepreneurs. I’ll talk about why anxiety happens to people like us, what to do about it in an order to overcome it permanently  and much more.

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