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Hey, so as you can see I’m not able to write a lot lately due to ultra busy schedule, this year I plan to share as much as I possibly can via blogging, follow me here on my new blog: Also follow me on twitter @wayneharrel I’ll be posting long type posts sometimes here on medium: This is easy and these guys do a terrific job of creating a killer blogging platform that I can use on a daily basis.     Wayne

Predictions: Technologies That We’ll See Most Definitely in 2020

2020 future predictions by Wayne Harrel

We’re only 7 years from 2020 and there are some amazing technologies we’ll find in the process of moving forward. A lot of people made some ambitious predictions for 2020. Being on the safe side, I’ve compiled a list of technologies that we’ll see most probably in 2020 and many of them will be standard in the industry. This list is based on investments in respected fields and the amount progress in the research.   Terabyte SSD that will be affordable Early days of web 3.0 Personalized medical diagnostics like... Read The Rest →

How To Launch An App

how to launch an app, web app or game

A Short Guide For Constructing A Launch Of Your App, Web-App Or A Game That Crushes The Charts Launching an app is highly important and strategic decision that you have to make. It is also one of the best ways to get initial active user base and make some quick cash. This short guide is only for AAA quality games, apps and web-apps – believe me – you product matters and building an inferior or ripped off product and thinking that you can pull it off in marketing is not... Read The Rest →

How HTML 5 Web-Apps Will Dominate The Entire 2013 Year


There are new innovations going on all around the globe especially in web. HTML5 will be heavily supported in the upcoming browsers and the post PC era including fragmentation of devices will make html 5 web-apps a perfect choice for developers. According to Venture Beat, 94% of mobile app developers are betting on html 5. With new tools and innovation by Google about how people can develop web apps using html 5 is playing a prominent role into making this real in 2013. Not to forget their contribution to web... Read The Rest →

Specs are Irrelevant. The Right Question is That Can It Run Smoothly? And Few Ideas About the Future

These days people are deciding which smart phones they should buy based on its specs, especially in the geek community. It is relevant if you’re looking to buy a PC and that depends upon your purpose whether you want one for gaming, designing or just basic computing. But still I think making a purchasing decision based on the specs of a mobile phone is stupid. First there is a lot of fragmentation issues with Android, and even if you have the Samsung Galaxy S3 or any fancy HTC phone, the right question... Read The Rest →

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