Time Management Rules


Hey there, it’s me again.

Been a long time since I haven’t done any blog post.

Recently, I made this commitment of doing one really good blog post every week.

Before that I had some ideas but I didn’t write a blog post on it because I thought it was not worth it.

If I wanna do a post I’m gonna make sure it’s deep and really strategic when it comes to helping you out.

My purpose is NOT to give you information or my personal opinion. I don’t see how that can help you out…

…But to give you some things that I’ve actually implemented and things that have had greater impact in the results I’m generating in my business.

This is one of those posts… Strictly for entrepreneurs only.

Anyway, let’s start!


I was working too hard, managing 3 business that i built a few years down the road.

Money was NOT an issue.

I used to wake up in the morning, got to work. Too many things to do, small things, big things etc

I tried all kinds of productivity management stuff, it wasn’t quite working for me, I even created a course called productivity protocols learning from the process.

Either way, I was working too hard.

I was doing things I did not wanted to deal with. Thankfully I delegated most of the stuff that was eating my most of my time.

But still, there was something inside me forcing me to rethink my life and its goals. I wanted to have free time, so I can travel, play video games and learn to cook.

I discovered that what I needed to do, is to create a machine and let it run.

Web-App UI design

So I just had this cinnamon tea and I’m pumped with energy, thought would bang out the key board and pump out a nice article for ya’all

Anyway, I wanna talk about good design and how important it is for us web-app and SaaS entrepreneurs.

Well, the process is something I’ve explained in this video:

But why is design important?

Okay before you read from here on, I want you to go and watch the video above, its good.

All righty, so now here is why good design is super important:

First and foremost, a good design is invisible. Like a simple tool, like chair.

Its invisible and you won’t look at it and appreciate how well designed it is.

Because you won’t notice it, THAT’S HOW WELL IT FITS IN YOUR LIFE that its now a part of our reality.

Tooth brush test

Before acquiring companies Larry Page of Google asks this questions to his subordinates, does this passes the tooth brush test?

Is this thing that we are planning to acquire is something we would be using like we use a toothbrush? Like once or twice daily, weather its the talent or technology we are bringing in?

Is it as useful as a toothbrush?

And this is one of the prime reason why Google is so successful with their hires.

I learned a lot from this approach not just in business but in life.

Recently I discovered my really bad gadget addiction. I used to spend a lot of money on buying latest gadgets. A . LOT. OF. MONEY.

Now I’ve put this practice into place, where I ask myself, is what I’m buying passes the toothbrush test? Is it something I will be using daily? If the answer is no or if I can rent it, I don’t buy it.

Same thing with softwares and stuff. This exercise helped me control my gadget addiction a LOT.

I think we all should have toothbrush test for various things.

Right now I’m experimenting this into my daily routine and business, before hiring a talent, I ask myself, well what does this person can do for the business, where does he makes my life easy and brings value and is he something that will be a key guy that will be needed daily? If yes, I put him on a list of people I’ll be talking further to find out more.

Usually these are the people who don’t need active leadership to move forward in your business, they just need passive leadership and can figure most of the stuff on their on.

So there ya go, some morning wisdom for your day :)


Talk Soon


The Fall Of American Dream

I live in a house over there on the Island, and in that house there is a man waiting for me. When he drove up at the door I drove out of the dock because he says I’m his ideal.” 

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, Winter Dreams

I woke up last month early at 2 AM, made myself an espresso and started working. I was working on a promotional campaign for one of my projects. I started drafting out some ideas and stuff. You know, usual stuff you do when you wake up.

I was in a hotel, living in a hotel for too long. Too long to remember when was the last time I had a home, stable home where I live permanently.