And The Need To Belong in The Age Of Social Media

I’ve been watching a lot of Samurai Champloo recently, its an awesome anime series about a couple of samurais, traveling with no place to belong.

I’ve been able to relate to that.

Cause I’ve been in the same shoes.

Going on, and on and on. With no place to belong.

Some might say, oh my gosh what an amazing lifestyle!

This guy gets to travel all around various places, and live a nice lifestyle without working from an office, he can work from any place he wants.

Is it a blessing?

Well, I dunno about that. Why are these people stuck in those places? 

Because of the commitments that they made due to some motivation by their primitive need to belong to some place where they have some meaningful relationships?

But don’t we all need a place to belong to?

I’ve been in the process of filling an EB5 visa and getting a nice office in LA.

Have a bunch of people working there for a couple of my companies cause things are getting a bit complicated in terms of operations, this whole virtual working stuff starts to show its limit when things get bigger and when you start to generate volume.

You now need people to work for you with you.

because the load is too much for just you and your virtual army to handle,

You need faster communication so you need to be in an office, where direct face to face meetings are faster and easier (i.e. if you know how to run meetings properly)

When you are living like a traveling samurai, like those two suckers from Samurai Champloo, you move on and don’t stay in one place for a long time.

Which means, you can’t form meaningful relationships.

Even in this age of social media and this “connected world” ecosystem that we have going for us.

The real friends and relationships still only form when you meet someone face to face.

I know people with 1000+ Facebook friends, actually, I know a LOT of people with 1000+ FB friends.

But with how many of these “friends” do they have any meaningful connection?

Who knows?

Well, actually there was a study on this recently, I don’t remember but if you ask your pal Google then I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.

But it said something like if you have a ton of Facebook friends, there are only 5 to 10 of those people who might have some meaningful relationship with you. 

Maybe we screw around, with our eyes glued to the screen because we of our primitive need or desire to belong?

And stay up to date with what’s going on, so we can belong to this world (tribe perhaps)?

The world that we keep on calling the “reality.”

But does it matter? I think not.

What’s hot today, what’s a pressing matter today, might be old boring news of yesterday.

It’s like what news channels were to people before the social media. Where their entire thinking process or in some cases their primitive sense or need to belong revolved around the media – the news – the pop culture.

I think it might be because of the fact that their lives lack passionate ambitions to disregard it what is normal for the majority?

Passionate ambitions in an individual not only makes people more focused but also more UNFOCUSED. Unfocused from the mainstream around that, the media, the social media – in short their primitive sense to belong is overtaken by their sense to achieve that ambition they have.

Does that what makes someone a moving samurai?

Who knows?

What I do know is that In my case, I lack that primitive sense for belonging.

My friends call me an anti social prick. lol

And I’m fine with that. Cause being around the culture and a still society that seems to be moving forward but on a treadmill, leaves an impact or an influence on my mind. 

After all, I’m a human too.

But it ends now, and I think this is time, to have a permanent head quarter for all my shenanigans.

Maybe its time for me to start socializing a bit.

Who knows how it might change the way I live, or do business to move my ambitions forward.


Sometimes, bad things happens to serious men

24 hours later I woke up realizing how awfully stupid mistake I made ignoring any due diligence and just making one of the most retarded decisions of my entire existence.

When I realized that I made a retarded decision, I sat down like a jackass and wasn’t even able to think properly. Like my memory have faded or something. I was in shock. 

Just pull the trigger, like that famous slogan of a shoe company: “Just Do it”


It used to scare the shit out of me. (pardon my french)

Literally I’ve had anxiety attacks where I used to have butterflies in my stomach for hours what others would think of me.

It was bad, because this was causing me to procrastinate

It was fear of rejection…

My potential prospects might reject me, or my work

It was awful. Irrational? maybe, but it was there.

You might be wondering what was that thing, that scared the living hell out of you Wayne?

Seriously THIS! This right here rocks so freaking hard!

This is unrealistically awesome! Seriously man, this is ungodly heaven shatteringly awesome like that Pluto explorer that just sent us an awesome photo of that midget planet that NDT loves to hates!

Okay, so I might be too excited on this cause I’m working on one of this project with a client of mine.