Just pull the trigger, like that famous slogan of a shoe company: “Just Do it”


It used to scare the shit out of me. (pardon my french)

Literally I’ve had anxiety attacks where I used to have butterflies in my stomach for hours what others would think of me.

It was bad, because this was causing me to procrastinate

It was fear of rejection…

My potential prospects might reject me, or my work

It was awful. Irrational? maybe, but it was there.

You might be wondering what was that thing, that scared the living hell out of you Wayne?

Seriously THIS! This right here rocks so freaking hard!

This is unrealistically awesome! Seriously man, this is ungodly heaven shatteringly awesome like that Pluto explorer that just sent us an awesome photo of that midget planet that NDT loves to hates!

Okay, so I might be too excited on this cause I’m working on one of this project with a client of mine.

Important Lesson

I was talking to my traffic and operations coordinator the other day about the systems for automating certain critical lead gen aspects of one of our few businesses.

We were working on some checklists and their efficacy to see how they fit and value it brings and how can we tie it all up together in an excel sheet type of format to quickly access it.

The reason why were doing this and automating the hell out of everything is because of this one single lesson we’ve learned over the period of past few years of nightmares, stress, sleepless nights, and frustrations…