The single most important component of an ad campaign regardless of ad network

In this video, you’ll learn the SINGLE most important fundamental component of advertising that people ignore which results in a failed ad campaign regardless of an ad platform

Based on this you can start creating a tactical plan depending upon any platform you wanna test for your next campaign.

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Hey there,

I wanted to talk to you about some serious business…

This is one of the most important blog posts that I’ll ever put together for you and trust me it will be worth a read.

As I was preparing the material for SaaS Academy LIVE. I wrote down some ideas on what to talk about…

And this one was THE MOST IMPORTANT lesson that you will ever learn as an entrepreneur

As a matter of fact, it is so freakin’ important that I’m actually going to give it away to you for free.

You can learn those lessons here in this video, that I just uploaded on YouTube

Okay so why am I teaching this to everyone on my list?

Simple, I do not want you to quit based on some terrible gut wrenching anxious events that could put you on a chronic entrepreneurial anxiety like it did to me.

I got screwed over, I mismanaged my time and I made some terrible mistakes. Even the thought of those events makes a smarter and more experienced me cringe.

But there is no such thing as a painless lesson, what matters is how fast you adapt, learn and tweak your future judgements based on that experience…

Anxious little moments will happen to you in business, that’s just how it is.

A Brave New World Of Scary Technologies

In this video essay, I will talk about robotic revolution, the future and beyond.

I also explore some ideas and share my thoughts and opinion on how the world of tomorrow will be affected by disrupting technologies like self-driving cars, AI, automation, robots, vacuum manufacturing, decentralized software distribution and more…

I also share my thoughts on the future of governance and will share my silver lining at the end of this essay.

One of the critical point of how we plan and prepare ourselves for tomorrow. It could be heaven or hell based on how you plan. Though to summarize it all in the shortest possible form, the future is bright.


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