10 Strategies To Succeed With Apps

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Okay guys so I was flying from Goa to Auckland. And I stopped at Singapore and Bali, I thought it would be nice to visit here and I had a meeting at Singapore too. Long story short, while I was on my flight from Bali to Auckland, I was bored in the plane. So in Singapore airlines they have some really fantastic cabins that can be productive for work ON A PLANE. So I opened my Microsoft one note application and started jotting down some points. I put them in a presentation... Read The Rest →

Trash Your TV – Steve Jobs on TV and People


A lot of rumors are going on about Steve’s new baby called Apple’s television set. You can find all sorts of predictions and excitement regarding it. “I finally cracked it…” What does Steve meant there? Well, it was a pain in the ass to find this clip. I was watching a two hour long blurry presentation and he came up with it. I was literally AMAZED to see how common the perspectives of positive and passionate have. (thanks to all the guys and media to share this, the below video... Read The Rest →

How To Get Your Self Motivated Anytime in Just 2 Minutes

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You won’t need any motivational program or tape to get yourself motivated if you can use this Igniter power technique. I usually teach this technique as an intro in my mini programs. I have put it all together in this super tiny video. Play this video. (It’s just 3 min)   So in short, if you want you motivate yourself, you need to ask some questions. The quality of these questions will determine your level of motivation. Learn how to connect your emotional system with your purpose. Your purpose is... Read The Rest →

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