The Chipset Breakfast Podcast - Video

Hey so I wanted to make a video highlighting a few things:

  1. Why I was digging deep into polishing our thinking process
  2. Psycho Analysis of the crowd
  3. How I was using this to fight productivity related friction
  4. A 4 step process for eliminating anxiety
  5. Breaking the procrastination death lock
  6. How to psychoanalysis use this to craft and position your marketing messages
  7. A warning about motivational speakers and snake oil salesmen

Apple’s design dude Jony gave a really rare interview to Vanity Fair. Its extremely fascinating to hear his perspective and process on Apple’s design process.

Check it out:



Okay guys so I was flying from Goa to Auckland. And I stopped at Singapore and Bali, I thought it would be nice to visit here and I had a meeting at Singapore too.

Long story short, while I was on my flight from Bali to Auckland, I was bored in the plane. So in Singapore airlines they have some really fantastic cabins that can be productive for work ON A PLANE. So I opened my Microsoft one note application and started jotting down some points. I put them in a presentation and made a video that is going to show you 10 basic strategies that EVERYONE, literally everyone who is starting in app space should and MUST know.

I used heavy noise cancellation in this video so I apologize for poor audio quality.


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