A Brave New World Of Scary Technologies

In this video essay, I will talk about robotic revolution, the future and beyond.

I also explore some ideas and share my thoughts and opinion on how the world of tomorrow will be affected by disrupting technologies like self-driving cars, AI, automation, robots, vacuum manufacturing, decentralized software distribution and more…

I also share my thoughts on the future of governance and will share my silver lining at the end of this essay.

One of the critical point of how we plan and prepare ourselves for tomorrow. It could be heaven or hell based on how you plan. Though to summarize it all in the shortest possible form, the future is bright.


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The intro got screwed up because webinar jam doesn’t inject the videos directly into the stream while uploading it to youtube, oh well… :)

...and some popular myth bursting

There is a myth that people have that you need to have some serious capital to get started with web-apps.

Most folks are scared of the complexity, so I recorded this video to burst this common myth.

You DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A TON OF CASH to get started in SaaS business.

You need a product, and there are ways to get started super fast without breaking the bank, in this video I talk about a few.

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– Wayne