Harrel Consulting

What we do:

If you have a business in mobile apps, web-app or a game that is struggling with revenue then consultation with Wayne and team can trigger a radical transformation with your overall revenue as well as marketing strategy.

If you are coming up with a launch of your upcoming app, web-app or game, you can schedule a strategy consulting session with Wayne and his team. We’ll help you draft a set of campaigns that you can execute as an overall launch strategy of your product depending upon market.

If you are running a PR campaign as a promotion of your pre-existing brand’s next upcoming product, we should talk.

How it works:

We have a unique approach depending upon your niche.

You can request a consultation service here.

After that we’ll contact you and see if our expertise fits right for you or not.

Whether you want to schedule individual consultation on hourly basis or want package of promotional strategies for boosting conversions, target user acquisition, traffic or marketing that you can execute – depending upon your needs.

Consultation with Wayne is expensive but can trigger radical transformation in your business as well as perception.