Grasshopper Wantrepreneurs


Jason (not real name) is a dude from Chicago who wants to “hustle, grind” and become an entrepreneur.

He follows all guys that he thinks are top guys, like Gary Vee, or similar folks.

He gets up every day and works on generating business ideas for his next big thing.

He spent a ton of time focusing on a “cool” name for his new thing. He likes it, and now his FB profile photo is that new logo which he got by getting a dude on fiverr for $5.

This was an MLM scheme he thought was gonna be cool and make him rich.

He wanted to be that cool kid on the block where he could show off his nice shiny things on his FB profile and watch comments from his old high school pals and family.

Turns out that MLM thing didn’t work out cause it was a kinda-sorta scam, and he jumped into the next thing, that he KNOW for a fact that is going to get him some cash for his new PlayStation.

That was being a YouTuber!

Yep, didn’t work out.

Then he thought about selling some guide on losing weight, he put that thing up, his copy sucked and he never bothered to work on fixing some holes in that thing and thought it bombed and abandoned it.

Then he started working on this site where he thought he could sell a bunch of ads promoting some cheap click bank products and do what dem affiliates do!

And tried his hand on affiliate marketing.

He made $10 from it.

So now he is depressed.

All of the sudden a man comes on YouTube when he was sitting on the toilet watching fail compilation on his phone, and tells him that in his garage he just bought a new Lambo, but he likes those books (that for some reason he decided to store in his garage) more cause he got a hard-on for reading.

So he started following him on social media and invested in some of his very vague and expensive “secrets” that turned out to be some rebadge info from the books like “the secret.”

Now, I dunno about you but I have serious trust issues with men who drive or own a Lambo.

Cause he is either a bullshit scammer or a giant douche.

Or maybe not, but so many of these guys use Lambos in their videos that I have developed a few trust issues with people who own them.

Anyway, then this guy who Jason was following, told him to check out this guy who will show him how to build an eCommerce business, Jason jumped on that opportunity but never followed up on it…

Because then the same guy told Jason again to follow this another guy who will teach him “high ticket” consulting thing!

Now Jason is stuck, both looks good.

Then Another guy told him to try apps! Mobile native apps!

And Jason decided to do ALL THREE.

He never focused on one of them and spent all the cash he made as a cashier at Walgreens on their programs hopping on one opportunity to another and even maxed out his CC.

What happened after this?

As a result of watered down focus, he failed at all three.

He invested all the cash in several of these “programs” instead of focusing on one and didn’t have enough cash left to buy even $200 worth of ads.

He focused on doing several things, lacked commitment to one because he wanted to do it all to play it safe.

He thought – “what if one of these gigs failed?”

He took the bait and treated these things like just another gig.

He never made it, and bounced on one opportunity to another, just like a grasshopper.

Jason wanted to be an entrepreneur and I have a term for people like him – Grasshopper Wantrepreneur…

The point I’m trying to make is very simple.

You can move mountains if your focus is sharp and not watered down

If you focus on ONE THING


If you know how to say NO when every inch of bone in your body is screaming that this totally new gig is something you must do.

Then regardless of how difficult that thing you wanna do is, you won’t fail.

Yes, there will be setbacks, but you’ll keep coming back.

The quality focus is extremely powerful.

Ya see the moment you focus on something else that dilutes your focus from your primary business, you’re done.

Sure there will be times you’ll say, oh I could do both of these things without having this one affect the former, but you have to ask yourself, what if you put the money & time you were thinking about putting into this new thing, what if you put it in your primary thing?

What if you could take it just a little step further?

You could become an unbeatable force in that niche.

There are a lot of people who bounce from one opportunity to another and never stick to one thing.

I do not want to entertain people who do this and are on my list.

So if you’re on one of my email lists then please unsubscribe. I do not want anyone unfocused in my community because I know how that will go.

There are a lot of people I’m seeing these days, that want to build a SaaS business, then they also want to start 10 different things at the same time, form more partnerships in businesses they don’t fully control.

See, I’m not against people who try “side gigs.”

But I’ve tried working on several things at once, it never works out.

What I’m saying is if you are just starting out, and you focus on several different things and not stick to one thing, you’re simply bouncing from one opportunity to another and it will never work out.

Talk Soon


P.S. – I didn’t proof read this post and well aware of my shitty grammar. Now turn that gas oven off you Grammar Nazi.

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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