[HARDCORE] Death Of Information Product Businesses

And The Future Of Online Marketing

Death of marketing and rise of SaaS

I hate hype titles that are click bait.

But honestly, I don’t think the title of this post is hyped up. Because it is true and deep down you agree with this as well.

A few years ago, you could’ve sold a “secret” to achieving X as a course and you would’ve gotten paid for it because of hungry buyers.

You could sell ebooks and made a ton of money doing that.

You could started a group coaching thingy and generated a handsome revenue as a result solely doing this.

The PERCEIVED VALUE in information products has been decreased drastically

The truth is that the value has been decreased to the point that it doesn’t even make sense selling those and the game has been getting harder ESPECIALLY if you’re new to a niche without any following.

Today you have to work extremely hard on content marketing to establish rapport with your prospect to sell him your course on X.

The value for information products  has been decreased and here are a few reasons behind this:

1. Market Fatigue

Everybody and their dog tried to copy all these “gurus.” And gurus started preaching information products as a holy grail of online marketing and generating revenue from it.

People just got tired of it. They got tired of seeing everyone selling “a course” on that. If it exists, it’s got a course on that. (kinda like rule 34 if you know what I’m talking about lol)

A $47 course.

A $7 Tripwire

A $497 course.

I’m not against information products. As a matter of fact, I love them. But all I’m saying is there is a thing called market fatigue, exactly like the ad fatigue.

Not a lot of people are doing something extremely different.

2. Information products don’t solve their PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY

Info products are a “way” towards the solution, it’s not the direct and an immediate solution.

It’s an INDIRECT solution.

The results are directly relevant towards the user’s capacity to take action and not procrastinate on action steps.

Fun fact, MOST people don’t go through the information products that they buy at all. They just go through the first few parts and slack out on the rest.

This is BAD news for you.

You see, as more and more of these guys buy info products, and it doesn’t gets them results because THEY didn’t take action.

You can say it’s THEIR fault but the fact remains that they did NOT get the promised or expected results.

Which is a problem because slowly the herd starts to develop this notion that these things don’t work.

3. Rise of “free” information and content marketing

Because of ad blockers, the advertising space is kinda screwed up. So to appeal to a lot of these folks, gurus are giving away content for free.

Information products for free.

There is an entirely new inbound based approach on the rise that revolves around content marketing and native advertising.

This devalues the info product space a bit because users are getting and consuming a ton of information for nothing and it’s also exhausting them.

People now can get most of the information on solving their problem for almost nothing online.

I believe this is the most natural progression of the internet marketing and things will be even tighter as competition rises.


As a matter of fact this is good stuff because now things are easier for you to sell.

What used to be the product just a few years ago, is now the marketing under inbound approach.

Content that used to be sold before is now given away to sell some thing that solves problems of a prospect immediately.

That’s the thing, isn’t it?


Direct solutions are the product of today.

This is what smart marketers are going for right now.

While most guys are turning to selling rehashed stuff on amazon or any other market place, smart marketers are killing it by selling direct solutions.

What are direct solutions?

A product or a service that solves a problem of a user instantly. They are kinda like “ready-made” solutions.


A drug: Aspirin for headache

A SaaS: Simple SOFTWARE/WEB-SERVICE/APP that solves problem that you can get one done for super cheap if you know how, for which you can charge monthly fee.

A HaaS: A custom compiled system of hardware, typically leased to a business. (hardware as a service). <- this is extremely under-served area.

Any done for you service

The Rise Of SaaS

A ton of smart marketers are realizing that SaaS are the future. And with rising cost of traffic, this is the way to go.

For example: I’ve shorted this to IM community only:

Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins: These guys launched a couple of SaaS solutions for people selling stuff via webinars. All they did was create a plugin for Google+ hangouts, and an interface allowing people to turn Google+ videos into webinars.

Russell Brunsun: He launched a SaaS called Click Funnels. Basic SaaS that allows people to build simple marketing funnels without being a techie.

Brian Moran: He created a similar but more simpler version of click funnels.

Frank Kern: Done for you service to manage infusionsoft campaigns.

Wayne Harrel: Trading Calls for investors, Employee management SaaS, technology implementation service & launch generator SaaS along with SaaS Academy Tools (i know, shameless plug!)

There are a ton of SaaS in IM community by IMers.

Hell my ole partner Trey Smith is killing it with a SaaS called build box that allows people to generate super basic games for iphones, androids and even mac.

John Reese: He just launched a kick ass “ revenue calculator and forecasting tool” called GERU.

How hard would it be to create something as simple as that?

Tell you what, not a lot.

These are just a bunch of websites with functionalities and processes that solves user’s problem instantly.

There are several more, like Leadpages, they started as a “video player” and evolved into something big. Same with Trey, he used the same approach that I use right now to sell some of my SaaS licenses.

Great copywriter Eugene Schwartz said that desire cannot be created, you have to exploit a pre-existing desire.

The benefits of the direct solutions aren’t limited to your customers but also you.

It’s radically easy to sell them because they are direct solutions. Ad networks love them because you don’t have to use twisted marketing “techniques” to motivate your users to move forward in the funnel.

Now, if you’re a smarter marketer, you would use information products as a supplement to push your SaaS in front of your prospect.

High ticket items? They are several hundred times easier to sell via SaaS

One guru started preaching and selling high ticket stuff, and next day everybody started selling high ticket items to teach people how to sell high ticket items.

Though this approach is not effective (if not stupid)

The thing with high ticket solutions, is what value are you bringing in front of people?

Is it direct?

If not then you’re gonna have a VERY hard time selling it.

But I do it very well in enterprise space.

Here is how I do it:

I work with ENTERPRISE CLIENTS and medium sized businesses to come up with a solution to their problem, turn those solution into systems

Create a SaaS to deliver those systems

And sell the already created SaaS (see #2) to other similar medium business

This is called licensing a SaaS.

Do you know how much a single deal like this makes you?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars!

And the development cost? Your first client already paid you that before you even started.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. I’ll give you a FREE resource to learn more on this.

I modeled a couple of multi-billion dollar companies, “outsourcing” companies for this. This is their business model.

In their case, they only go after super large businesses.

And there is no one to solve problems of small and medium businesses except to buy something “ready made.”

This is the direction is how marketing will move forward in terms of product strategy.

BUT you have to adapt as early as you can.

And use information marketing to condition and push people/businesses towards your direct solution.

This is how you build a legit business instead of just making a few bucks doing something online that can disappear like a pop culture fad.

> But most of you guys might be thinking it might be expensive to develop a SaaS app or the barrier of entry is too high.

> Or if it is going to sell as effectively you want or not.

Guess what, lemme show you how to get a SaaS app develop for free as well as validate that it ain’t gonna bomb.

I’m hosting a short work shop, it’s free of course where I’ll show you this entire business model in action.

Obviously I’ll try to get you into my incubator at the end, which is also a direct solution (LOL)

But this will be one of the most INSIGHTFUL webinar filled with many aha moments that you’ll ever attend. That’s a personal promise.

Click here to register for the SaaS Implementation Workshop.

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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