The fall of CRINGE WORTHY Sales Processes

You know what used to make me cringe?

Selling stuff to people, I mean the process of selling…

I used to hate pitching stuff and using high-pressure tactics, I still do.

So I’m going to tell you a story of how I found the nirvana of sales processes…

I’m a firm believer in outbound sales strategy, i.e. going out and bringing customers in.

Like direct to customer ads, mail campaigns etc

Obviously when you’re buying ads, you work differently, you take things seriously.

I gotta be honest, I used to be scared to death of anxiety cause when I needed to make sure I’m not going broke buying ads.

On top of that I was scared of using high-pressure sales tactics. Jeez, those were the days LOL

But my fear of going broke overcame the fear of pitching the leads to buy my product.

Now here is the big twist, it did NOT end very well like most stories where your hometown boy makes it big with giant brass balls and confidence

So I started using different methods of selling stuff and gradually I designed a sales process that became the foundation of what I teach my clients and help them implement it

If you watched the SaaS Academy webinar then you probably know this, I shared this entire process on it.

But if you did not, here is an overview of it

This is the HOLY GRAIL of consulting…

…and this is what some of the biggest consulting companies on planet use to get clients, figure out their needs and deliver a DIRECT SOLUTION

Remember, the keyword here —> DIRECT SOLUTION

  1. You go out to find leads, once you’ve qualified them
  2. You then work with them to spot the problem
  3. They hire you to help you solve it via consulting
  4. Then you solve it using SaaS Academy model
  5. Then you use the solution to sell more expensive done for you SaaS solutions

Now it’s not as complex as it sounds.

Trust me, it’s easy to do.

So here with this process:

  1. You were able to spot the leads without head-banging inbound marketing, simply used outbound to generate leads
  2. You got the client and he agreed to pay you a little fee to help him solve his massive problem
  3. You already pre-sold him the more expensive SaaS solution

And you got really – really rich as this process worked on its own for you.

But it gets better:

The first client is your most important client, when I was starting, I VOLUNTEERED TO WORK FOR FREE.

They still bought the SaaS solution from me.

But as a result, I already got a SaaS app done for me and the consulting fee that I took helped me get it developed.

So I paid nothing out of my own pocket


It isn’t hard to get a freelancer to build a web-app (AKA SaaS) these days.

If you watched my SaaS academy webinar or you’ve been on my list, you already know this as I shared with you a ton of case studies.

But with SaaS you solve your client’s problem directly, and permanently.

And you can license your SaaS to him for 5 figures per client and even charge a maintenance fee as you roll on.

Okay so where was I?

Now that you have a SaaS app done for almost free, you can use that app to sell it to your other clients down the line with little to no customization for almost the same price.

You can recruit agents (or sales reps) to deliver consulting to learn more about your client, and help him spot the problem and implement the SaaS Academy model.

And you also get paid for consulting which genuinely helps your client. Your consulting service isn’t just a pitch. You help them build processes and systems to solve the problem which they can execute by themselves.

SaaS is an add-on which you can use to turn those processes into “features” of your web-app.

Again, I urge you to watch the webinar if you haven’t already to see this in action and get a framework on how exactly it is deployed. You can register for it here if you haven’t already.

This revolutionary process has also saved a bunch of SaaS startups from the Valley going all broke.

Some of my friends have modeled the same process to use the same process on schools, government agencies, restaurants, gyms and more!


I believe SaaS is literally the best product an online marketer can sell to businesses or people.

Not because it is super easy to sell, have wildly profitable margins if you sell it using SaaS Academy model or just plain awesome…

But because it is a direct solution to a direct problem.

I’ve mentioned before that information products and services are dying at a rapid rate and talked about it with direct evidence in my new report which you can check out here for free.

More and more smart marketers are moving towards selling SaaS, the same people who made a bang selling high ticket consulting, information products and things like that.

Which brings me to you…

=> Do you want to learn how to build a wildly profitable SaaS business from scratch even if you have no Idea about your app?

Guess what, you don’t need one and you don’t want one, SaaS Academy model will generate it as you let the process work for you

Your client will TELL YOU THAT in extreme detail!

=> Do you want to build a sustainable business using SaaS Academy model without investing anything into your SaaS app’s development out of your own pocket?

=> Do you want me to give you source code of one of my most profitable SaaS app that I spent a ton of money, for free?

Then you should join SaaS Academy Incubator.

The program is a direct solution for people who wanna learn how to build one from scratch, and it will practically pay for itself within the first 45 days, guaranteed.

On top of that, most of the bonuses will practically build your business on their own, check it out here.

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Wayne Harrel

P.S. – It is by application only as I need to know before I enroll you that it is a right fit for you.

Since the spots are limited and I wanna make sure everyone in there is extremely serious about implement and following every single stage of the program.

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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