How HTML 5 Web-Apps Will Dominate The Entire 2013 Year

There are new innovations going on all around the globe especially in web. HTML5 will be heavily supported in the upcoming browsers and the post PC era including fragmentation of devices will make html 5 web-apps a perfect choice for developers.

According to Venture Beat, 94% of mobile app developers are betting on html 5.

With new tools and innovation by Google about how people can develop web apps using html 5 is playing a prominent role into making this real in 2013. Not to forget their contribution to web kit along with Apple!

HTML 5 is the future

I think that this is going to be a major evolution in the web development field.

So if you are a mobile app developer and have an idea about this great new service that you can develop that can solve a problem pretty neatly, then I would suggest go with html 5.

If you want to build something that uses the OS component like address book syncing or stuff like that, you can use a framework.

Now currently if I wanted to develop an app for iOS that uses phone’s hardware and OS features deeply and don’t want hassles in testing phase, I would go with native application structure. Same goes for the games because of certain technical reasons.

But this is going to change in 2013 and I think this is my prediction. (not sure for high end games)

Tools like DART language by Google has impressed me to my bones.

And speaking of Google, Google has recently developed a web-app called jam with chrome available here This is sooo cool. You just gotto check this thing out!

They made it to show the possibilities to developers with chrome, html 5 and JAVA, as well as make us love’em for a cool fun web-app that’s free! 🙂

So the bottom line of the above argument is that web apps are the futures. Native apps are not going anywhere. It’s just that they will be used for highly complex apps that’re gonna use hardware as well as deep OS functionalities.

Right now, html 5 + framework isn’t as smooth as native. This is one of the reasons why Facebook terminated html 5 version and launched a native version. Mark Zuckerberg said in Tech Crunch’s recent conference that it was a mistake to bet too much on html 5 and they learned their lesson.

Same goes for Tumblr. They also launched their latest version in native.

But on the other hand, the platforms and browsers are starting to support html 5 + frameworks based development as deeply as possible.

But this is just starting to catch the pace.

And this time it is going to be huge for us as a community.

I guess we have to wait for this year’s WWDC and Google i/o to see the latest OS releases from Apple and Google.

Frankly speaking, I’m not impressed with Apple with HTML 5 support. They should support it to its bone, firmly and as deeply as possible.

Hopefully with iOS 7 we might able to see some progress that is significant because Google is doing some pretty impressive work with it.

I hope one day YouTube will become full HTML 5. It’s not gonna be 2013 I guess for this whole transition. But it’s near.

The problem with Adobe’s flash is that it has a lot of security issues. And I think Adobe should take some serious action to clean it up and make it faster. Adobe should forget about innovations in flash for a while, just make the current goddam software less malicious to hackers and make it as concrete as possible.

I can’t wait for html 5 technologies to go 100% mainstream used in every possible field of web development.

This is going to make the web experience incredible and will take it to a whole new level.

The softwares that we currently use as native apps in windows, Linux and OSX will be able to do the entire job smoothly as a web-app.

I can also see the rise of Linux usage if this happens.

I can’t wait for these new technologies to go full mainstream.

When you go to Apple’s website and see the iPad demo on their landing page built using html 5 and mp4 videos embed in it without sound showcasing incredible demo, it feels great to see such a wonderful execution.

With CSS3 you can see infographics can be amazing and built completely in html 5 + CSS3. Web GL is amazing and is going to change a lot and promises us some cool new incredible things that we can do natively instead of using Flash or any external plugins.

But what I believe is important is how many developers actually start using these cutting edge technologies to build amazing web-apps and elements.

More importantly, the compatibility with most devices.

Not to forget that according to Chitika, most android users have 2.2 or 2.4 installed because most androids that’re in the market are cheap ones and updates are difficult to get.

So there are few challenges that I’m confident that we’ll overcome in 2013 and this is going to be an amazing year for the web and post PC era.


— Wayne


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