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All righty, so you got a killer game ready for your beloved platform

[quote_box_center]EDIT: Another point I want to highlight here is that submitting your app/game in the app store and expecting it to turn into blockbuster in 2015 is like planting rice seed in the desert and waiting for desert rain to irrigate it. App store was lush green garden with high rainfall, but saturation has eroded that soil, now its much more difficult. Same with steam or any other fragmented marketplace.[/quote_box_center]

Now a launch is a necessity to prevent your game from being bombed, and a well-executed launch can make or break your product, which is what we are going to talk about in this block post. (see the end to grab a free resource on game launches)

So let’s roll!

You got the gameplay dynamics done, artwork ready and everything in order.

Now it’s launch time!

What is a launch you may ask?

A set of promos, executed in a strategic manner on a timeline leading up to an EVENT.

I recorded a super short video talking about my definition of launches and my method of executing them.

In this post, I’ll teach you how to come up with a killer promo for your game launch. 

Step 1: Competitive Intelligence

You CANNOT guess your way to the top.

There is no alternative to this. You have to have your data in order, your research together and I’m gonna show you how to get ideas through intelligence.

A secret tool that nobody uses effectively… A tool that is super underrated and under-utilized…

Ready for it?

Here it is –> Talking To People 

I know it sounds ridiculously simple but check this out – this is how I get promo ideas!

This is how I pre-validate my ideas before testing them.

A simple act of picking up the phone, asking people for help is better than any other form of research

Now listen, I know most of you guys don’t have a network of people or the quality of people who might qualify to help you out here.

Here is how I would approach it:


Step 2: Constructing Your Set Of Promos

This is a critical step, I usually think about this as a process.

Each promo has a purpose in my timeline of events

For example: 

  • Promo 1 –> Purpose -> Create a social media trend around my game/app and create a following
  • Promo 2 –> Purpose -> Getting the press to create a leverage
  • Promo 3 –> Purpose -> Generating downloads/sales
  • Promo 4 –> Purpose -> Viral Retargeting (creating social pressure to buy/download the game)
  • Promo 5 –> Purpose -> Pressure Stacking Promo
  • Promo 6 –> Purpose -> Closing the launch by flash sale or giving away an in-game launch day exclusive item for a limited time

and the list goes on…

The process then continues where I assemble at least 20 different set of promos and they always end up with a post-launch promo.

I see all these promos of an individual element with a specific purpose with one constant that they push the launch forward in the direction where we get more download and a loyal following.

Then me and my clients work together to determine the feasibility of these promos and finding the promos that are in our marketing budget and we move on towards the timeline of events…

Funny story back when I was a kid, I used to watch pro-wrestling on television, they used to cut promos for their PPV events in a strategic matter every single week leading up to the PPV. That’s where I learned most of this from.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, we also test some of these promos using a smaller base using twitter and facebook ads via a campaign what I call a conversational campaign, so we know that it has the least possible chances of being bombed.

It’s a little bit complex to explain without making the post super long so I would reserve that for the resource linked below…

Step 3: Assemble Them Together And Put Them On A Timeline Of Events

Lemme tell you a story on this, I do a lot of work in SaaS space, as a matter of fact I own a SaaS incubator.

This timeline of event process that I go through is so strategic and important that I thought of doing a SaaS to quickly put a launch together. Basically, you put all your promos together, the SaaS will arrange them on a timeline and generate action items.

I dropped the idea later in 2014.

Anyway, back to the topic

Here your goal is to have promos ready, assembled strategically and when they will be shipped.

Right after this point I generate a list of action items arranged from most to least important tasks.

Each promo will have a separate list of action items.

Once we have this done, we start executing those items and we move extremely fast as obviously we are on a deadline.

We outsource as many of these tasks as possible for efficiency. If you use this process that I just showed you, I believe you can put together a strategy to really knock it out of the park.

However there is one important aspect of this left, putting together the launch itself.


If you have an existing app or a game that is already published, don’t worry you can still do a killer RELAUNCH. There is an art for constructing a relaunch timeline. So I’d like to show you THAT and more in a free workshop. Here are all the details:

What’s Next?

I would like to show it to you for FREE in a strategic workshop.

For the sake of transparency, I’d like to disclose a few things about this workshop or webinar

  1. It’s online
  2. Exclusively for game business owners
  3. There is no info-product or done for you service for sale on it
  4. It’s a little bit advanced  

Here is what you’ll learn in the workshop:

  1. How I Got Here
  2. Celebrity Endorsed Launches (why they are easier and better than getting published by a game publisher)
  3. What You Can Learn From Pro-Wrestling – The Secrets Of Cutting A Killer Promo 
  4. How To Put Together A Viral Launch For Your Game
  5. Current Stuff I’m Working On
  6. Social Media Viral Campaign
  7. A Killer Strategy For Getting Press Feature For Your Game


The reason why I’m doing this is because I’d like to personally put a launch together for you.

So in this workshop you’ll see it all in action and if you want me to personally cut killer promos and put it together as a launch that’s custom just for you, you’ll have an opportunity to do so during this workshop.

Either way you’ll get tremendous value out of it which is my personal promise.


I’ve put this together super fast last night and I don’t have slides for every single promo that I’ll be showing you in the workshop, so make sure you take notes as I speak. 

We’ll be jumping straight into it from the beginning without going through any BS to keep it short.

ALSO I’m giving away my launch timeline and launch label template that you can use to organize your own launch.

Go here for more details and download the templates.


– Wayne



Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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