How To Create A Lifestyle Business With SaaS?

I was working too hard, managing 3 different businesses that I built a few years down the road.
Money was NOT an issue.

My routine was way too “busy.” I used to wake up in the morning, get to work. Too many things to do, small things, big things etc. You know how it is.

I tried all kinds of productivity management stuff, it wasn’t quite working for me, I even created a course called productivity protocols learning from the process. The point being, I tried a lot of stuff.

Either way, I was working too hard.

I was doing things I did not want to deal with. Thankfully I delegated most of the stuff that was eating my most of my time.

But still, there was something inside me forcing me to rethink my life and its goals. I wanted to have free time, so I can travel, play video games and learn to cook.

I discovered that what I needed to do, is to create a machine and let it run. But it wasn’t that easy…

The hardest parts are creating and assembling a system that works together to generate results and keep going.

I wanted to create a business, that runs on its own once I set it up.

A TRUE autopilot business works even when you stop contributing to it, you set it, implement system and let it run. But you have to make a lot of tweaks, really have systems for everything, customer support, from payments to traffic and sales! Thankfully there are services that are available these days that can help you automate a lot of it. Technology FTW!

Looking back…

Now we have many systems including an internal competitive intelligence team – I call it the intel, it’s pretty cool. We have systems for everything, most of the stuff is taken cared by technology.

We’ve even automated our social media, ad optimization, customer support, sales funnels etc, you name it. Intel sends a report on what’s working, and we let the system execute it.

No need for being creative, just do what’s already working for other people. Let THEM take all the risk.

Set up your emulation infrastructure and let it run…

Let’s simplify it a bit and lemme elaborate on it a little more…

A true autopilot business for me, is where I have it set, it takes time ya know, for setting it up, but once it is, all I have to do is monitor, check out metric and let it work. For me, lead gen was the hardest part to automate, and converting them was even harder than that! Not because the process was complex to me, but because of the volatility of the process and constant new things we have to keep trying. Thankfully, I hired a great traffic guy after I had my metric and numbers in order and let him manage my media buying campaigns.

The entire lead gen strategy should be conversion oriented and once you have a great closing sequence in place that you know is converting well, you are all set for full automation!

The process of building such a business, and designing it takes months, it’s not something you can do it overnight. Who knows? Maybe you CAN, I’ve seen too many exceptional feats of achievements in business to have a stern belief in it…

I’ll show you how to build a lifestyle autopilot business with SaaS in this post, but keep in mind, this isn’t for opportunity seekers or people who are in it “just for money.” This is for people willing to work ON a business instead working in it…

it’s a multi-part walkthrough, I’ll add resources to a PDF guide and a video thingy at the end of this post.

Okay with that being said, first I think you already know what SaaS is:

I created a video to talk about that:


So, as you can see, web-apps are simply websites that can help people solve a problem for which you can charge them money or a licensing fee.

Pretty simple right?

It is not if you’re not a techie. So I’ve created a system that can help you get started really fast WITHOUT being a tech geek.

Okay, so in an order to create a lifestyle business, the following it should possess to even be classified as one:

  • It should solve a problem, so it can be easily sold
  • It should be able to sell itself using automated funnels
  • It shouldn’t have anything that needed to be done manually to be fulfilled, you can outsource that part though
  • It should require your least amount of input per day
  • MARGINS – MARGINS – MARGINS – you need to have something high ticket or some way to gain highest achievable margin so you can afford to buy leads from places “others” can’t afford…

So now, the first step to build such a business is to find a problem to solve.

Now there is a method for doing this and I’ll attach a free resource for you to check it out.

(from the method I was talking about above): This requires:

-> Creating your processes and turning them systems. You can break down your problem and create processes that lead to the solution and them turn it into a system.

-> Then you work on execution (getting sh*t done and executing the plan), creating prototypes and rest of the stuff that comes with it I describe in the resource in the link at the end of the post.

I wanted to keep the post short so I’m keeping it slim.

Once you’ve completed the aforementioned process, and you have your blueprint you can them move to the next step.

Hiring a coder to code it for you.

Now you can go with odesk or some other website, I would suggest to look for Ukrainians and Russian coders if you want great bang for your buck and avoid certain “cheap” quality ones.

There are ways to get your web-app done, you don’t need to go after a coder every time, sometimes, clever usage of plugins and stuff and a customized WordPress or Joomla based website could make your “solution delivery system” for which you can charge. That’s what I recommend if you’re just getting started.

After you’ve done that you should have your web-app ready.

Now you can either pre-sell it if you don’t have enough funding or you can get it done yourself, it isn’t as expensive as you think. Email Jake if you want any recommendation for coders.

Okay, now the next step is to setup sales funnels:

You can use infusionsoft to create your funnel, and setup a system to close your clients, tweak it to perfection and keep on testing.

You can hire a support guy, who can also manage some other areas like sending you reports from infusionsoft like sales report, sending new email campaigns using infusionsoft etc.

You can hire a part time guy for as low as $500 a month and setup ZenDesk to make his life easy. I generally use Odesk to find one.

Okay, now the next step would be traffic!

How do you get traffic?

I could create an entire coaching program on this because there are simply so many things that you can do for traffic and lead generation.

I’ve been launching stuff for clients, so I have a decent experience with media buying and lead gen.

Now the right traffic strategy is something that completely depends upon WHAT you are selling and WHO you are selling it to, I’m sticking to native ads for my own source of leads at the moment.

We do have different leadgen strategies for different business, both SaaS, non-SaaS and Licensing.

But here are some of the stuff for you to get started:

  1. Adwords – talk to a guy to help you set this up or else you may end up losing some money
  2. Facebook retargeting campaigns
  3. Banner ads retargeting using ad roll or perfect audience
  4. Youtube sponsorships
  5. Lead gen agencies
  6. Hoovers, infoUSA etc
  7. Strategic blogging
  8. Facebook newsfeed ads
  9. Solo mailings

So here are a few, now you need to do your research on where to find the TYPE of audience you are after and based on that you will select a platform to run native ads off of.

Once you’ve tweaked the process you need to find an agency who can run your ads for you, however, we do it all internally. Of course, you should be up and running and generating income before you approach an agency and start to automate this aspect.

Now after you’ve set up all these things, you still have to supervise and add input at least 2 hours per WEEK.

This is how you build a TRADITIONAL SaaS business.

Also you can build a new property every year and automate it. You can expand, add more elements to your existing one, sell it etc.

Primarily my motivation was to free up my time, play more video games and learn how to cook some french cuisine which I somehow manage to screw up every single time.

I also wanted to travel to Europe, screw around, take pictures and taste food and wines.

But then things got complicated

While the process I showed you works, there are a few drawbacks and I won’t be fair to give you only the parts that sound easy.

Every business, even the ones you read about in 4HWW have their fair share of impediments…

You see, SaaS IS THE FUTURE. We all know that, we can see that everywhere and it’s just general knowledge.

There was this controversial blog post written by call loop’s (a SaaS app) co-founder Chris Brisson in which he talked about the problems that come with the traditional SaaS model and how it was driving him insane.

Some of the drawbacks that come with SaaS are:

1. People spending wayyy too much money on development

2. People screwing up real bad with traffic (fastest way to go broke)

3. People copying others by just looking at the face of a business and not knowing the insides. Which is extremely critical.

More than that, most people charge a lot less, which screws up their margins.

Some try to cold call random people soliciting them to “fund” it or “preselling” the SaaS, which can put you in potential legal problem, I had a client who got burned badly with this approach.

Okay enough with bad news, let’s talk about how do we solve this?

Cause if we can solve it, we will have an ironclad system that’s guaranteed to work for anyone who wants to build a lifestyle SaaS business…

After trying everything for 7 years, here is what we’ve developed for OURSELVES.

Enter SaaS Consulting

Wait a sec!

Consulting? But how does it work?

Doesn’t that require ME to do all the work?

How do you even automate this?

Not only you can automate it but there are multi-billion dollar companies built on the foundation of this model. (Ex: TCS, ACCENTURE, INFOSYS)

So here is the deal, to solve this problem you need to COMPLETELY change the way you think about SaaS, how to sell it, margins…

Basically everything about SaaS except the fact that you’re in the business of SOLVING PROBLEMS.

The Marriage of SaaS and Consulting, a Killer Combination.

If we can marry consulting to SaaS we can solve all these problems, and not only increase our margins several folds, but we can eliminate all kinds of headache that comes with traditional way to selling web-apps on a subscription based model.

So how does it work?

There is a model to it.

With this model, If you’re good at creating solutions that solve problems for other people, you can succeed in technology business.

I’ve conducted a webinar event and written a PDF explaining this model in depth. If you’d like to have that, click on the link below on this fancy graphic below.

It’s a deep webinar with a ton of different processes, frameworks and checklists that you can use to have a deployable plan ready by the end of the session. It’s by far the best one I’ve ever done, and it’s free.

P.S. – By the end of that webinar you’ll have an opportunity to join our incubator and want access to our own infrastructure if you qualify.

 Would you like me to help you implement the exact process I talked about above and help YOU build your own web-app business really fast?


Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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