How To Create A Roadmap For Your Business

All righty folks, two posts in one day!

In the video, I talk about vision and having a roadmap and kinda walked you through our company’s vision as I see it as well as how to draft a roadmap. 

Now I want to talk about staying focused on your roadmap, I’m about to reveal a brilliant strategy for it!

I was originally recording this for my inner circle members of this thing I do call business vlogs.

It’s a monthly membership where I give people daily updates on what’s going on in my business and what I’m doing for to maintain the flow.

In this membership, people get to see my entire roadmap, monthly action items, weekly action items and what I’m doing to make sure we meet our monthly goals.

I show people my roadmaps, my processes, and stuff I’m following, doing etc.

It’s a big pain for me to manage it, because I need to shoot one video daily. And its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to do it, and not because I get to share awesome stuff with the community so people can walk with me shoulder to shoulder replicating what I’m doing…

Here is why I’ve created this membership:

You see, I have ADHD, so this is my way of staying disciplined.

Cause I know I need to shoot a video every single morning.

I know I need to give people my daily action steps, and they need to be preplanned, extremely specific and minimal, like 1 thing I need to work on today to move things forward -> “okay guys here is what we are doing today and here is why, yesterday we did this it bombed so we have to do X”

I need to make sure what I’m doing every day in my business is congruent with our roadmap, which must me aligned with our vision, which I talked about in the video attached.

I know people are watching me… Actual paying members committing $297 every single month to see this. Now I gotta be honest, this kinda stuff is WAY more valuable but frankly I just stole the idea and the pricing from my old partner Trey. Ha!

In case you want access to this membership and want to give it a try for $1 for 14 days, email Jake: ->

I need to be accountable for this. It’s my business life, documented day by day. 

It’s the business logs of an ongoing process that will result in evolution of one beast of a company that we’re all trying to build, including incubator members. I like to think it would be one hell of an asset, something no one has ever done.

I try to do it without giving out sensitive info, though it gets hard for me sometimes.

So this is how I stay focused, constantly accountable towards our roadmap and have my feet on the ground.

You can do this too!

You can replicate this exact process, to stay focused and constantly accountable.

Your Action Steps:

  1. Go and get a passion planner, it’s free and start drafting a roadmap.
  2. Then create a membership and create daily logs, you can do it on youtube as well if you wanna do all free.
  3. Heck if you do it as text on your blog, you would be able to get a lot of search traffic to whatever you’re doing as well! (daily updates, content and stuff is what our overlords at Google like!)
  4. Start getting some members using targeted advertising
  5. Tell (promise) your members you’ll give them a full month free if you ever miss a video (unless you’re going on a vacation, in that case, let them know in advance)

Try it! Trust me it works really well. It will put pressure on you and help other people too. We entrepreneurs don’t have bosses, but with this method, we can have one and sometimes we do need one if you know what I mean. 🙂

Heck, you can do it in any niche, like practicing golf, tennis, swimming, learning to do something etc.

This is my method of being my own boss, and staying focused and disciplined.

It’s your turn now.

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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