How To Increase Your Personal Productivity

personal productivity for high performance

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

For the last time I’m saying this: Get a journal! Personal productivity is all about measuring your results and how you manage your lists. If you are not tracking how much productive you are, then chances are that you will lose your momentum or have variations in your performance, specially mental tasks. Achieving peak performance is all about how to set up your tasks that has highest outcome into your routine. Are you working with your lists? I use ta-da-liststo create my small lists. Now once you’ve set yourself up about what outcomes you want, start creating lists.

There are 4 types of lists (you can have as many as you can)

  1. Daily Lists
  2. Weakly Lists
  3. Monthly Lists
  4. New Year Resolutions

So, write all the achievable tasks that has the highest possible outcome in them. What do you want from yourself? Do you want to achieve peak performnace? What steps you have to take to achieve peak performance? What is peak performance according to you? Do you want to double your business this year? What steps are necessary for it?

If you’ll ask yourself these types of questions, you’ll get some great answers about your “to do tasks.”
I maintain my personal productivity and performance by maintaining a good list.


Here is an example of my new year resolution’s list:

  1. Invest in a start-up and get involved with product development team (done)
  2. Buy a building in an order to own an asset instead of paying rent (pending)
  3. Buy a sports car (pending)
  4. Build a new iPhone game. (done)
  5. Host the best personal growth event you can ever think of . (pending)
  6. Launch a Mastermind Group (done)
  7. Launch an intense personal growth product. (done)
  8. Go Kashmir for vacation (done)
  9. Create a short film (done, pending release)
  10. Meat some of the biggest names in personal development, growth and NLP field (scheduled)
  11. Go to Tony Robbins seminar (scheduled and booked, 2 September in Fiji, 14 September in San Diego and Business mastery in Las Vegas, 12 January 2012)
  12. Meet Tony Robbins (pending)
  13. Sell 5000 copies of Igniter. (half done)
  14. Volunteer for someone (done for RDF)
  15. Get your teeth corrected (pending)
  16. Gain 20 pounds (half done)
  17. Stay at most expensive hotel in the world (pending)

All these tasks are doable and specific.

All the tasks you put on your list must have a strategy behind them. And these strategy should be scheduled in chunks. So suppose if you want to lose 20 pounds this year, what strategy are you going to create to make that happen? Once you’ve got the killer strategy, you plan to schedule it. That result oriented schedule will help you move forward towards achieving your goal. But don’t procrastinate, and if you are really passionate about what you do, you’ll make it. I tell these things to companies that hire me, help them set this thing in their system and they pay me a lot to do this. (can’t reveal the numbers, companies don’t allow it). Accenture takes 6 figure fees to do the same thing. Master this technique, it will change your life. Result oriented strategies works. Follow this strategy to make lists that actually works. If you follow it like this, this will dramatically influence over your personal productivity. It is mostly not about how we manage our time, but how we manage ourselves. [blockquote align=”right”]”Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.“ –Bruce Lee[/blockquote]

Some Personal Productivity Apps

If you are an iPhone user, you may want to check out Tasks, Lists, and Notes app. If you use Google Chrome then check out evernote, quick note, read later and listthings apps in Chrome webstore. These are some great productivity apps. [divider]

Hire a Peak Performance Coach

Okay, this tip is a big one. This is not a tip but common sense. If you are facing constant procrastination and lack of interest in taking action, then it is time to look out for a peak performance coach. This will change your life, you may have thoughts that you don’t need a coach but trust me, everybody needs a coach. Personal productivity is the first pillar of peak performance. So if you are serous about increasing your performance then hire a coach. If you cannot afford one, try some personal growth product, do a Google search or get igniter!

Measure Your Results

Knowing your outcomes isn’t enough, you have to know how you are performing in an order to rate your productivity level. Productivity is all about your efforts towards desired results. So beign productive is all about the speed of implementation. [divider] In the conclusion, I just want to mention that in an order to boost your productivity, you need to focus on the importance of results that comes out of various tasks. If you can master this thing, you will see an improvement in your personal productivity as well as performance. If you actually want to boost your personal productivity you need to figure out the reason of your procrastination, sometimes our work lacks excitement and interest which mostly results in procrastination. But actually there are many factors attached to it. You have to figure them out.

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  1. I’ve been using weekly and yearly goals since college and they were really helpful. I usually did a quarterly check-in as well, and an in-depth yearly review in December. For 2013, I added monthly and quarterly goals. I use daily goals when they make sense, such as Saturdays or days off from my job. It’s certainly helped make me productive and break down large tasks into manageable chunks. Just one critique about your post: watch out for homophones. “Meat” instead of “Meet” and “Weak” instead of “Week” is distracting to your overall message, which is a great one.

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