How to Kill Obsessive Thought Patterns and Anxiety

Obsessive thoughts, especially negative are dangerous for our growth and not cool for the way we want our lives to be. I’ve met several people who’ve been through severe anxiety for years (thanks to calm clinic and other boards), and found a similar pattern in almost all of’em.

Here I’m going to share a technique that can help you get rid of’em.

Basically, anxiety is just a fear in our subconscious, and this fear becomes into a pattern of obsessive thoughts.

This can result in weird things like obsessive-compulsive disorders and panic attacks and other stuff. Some people who haven’t been through all these things often make fun of people who are going through it, especially of those who are hypochondriac.

I call these people ignorant dumbasses.

Here is why

The human mind is very complex, and it interprets things in a certain way and in some cases it misjudges the meaning of a particular event.

What you got to do, is to go deep down into your fear. Do this when you are very calm and stop judging things based on past events, because as Dr. Richard Bandler puts it – the best thing about past is that it’s over.

Your Fear is Irrational

What I want you to do, is to understand that what you fear is probably not gonna happen.

Here is why, you see how I mention in my training (its down as its outdated) that it is our amygdala, which is also called reptilian brain, interprets common things and events and store it into the memory and when we find ourselves in certain situations, it triggers our fear which ultimately results in anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and obsessive thoughts.

When you realize that your fear is just your brain trying to save you from situations that aren’t present in that moment, you will create an awareness about it which will help you to recover. This is what a reputed therapist teaches you in CBT and charge $200 per session. (Recommended sessions: 18 to 24)

They sometimes also put you on some medication to relieve physical symptoms; I believe it isn’t right unless you are having a full blown anxiety or panic attack.

I think facing fear is the key, what you fear is something that isn’t there. So what you gotto do, is to realize and become aware of this fact.

Do this exercise:

  1. What questions do you ask yourself during a panic attack, obsessive “thinkings” and anxiety?
  2. Are you breathing deeply? How are your shoulders?
  3. What would you want to believe or focus on to constantly feel the way you WANT to feel?

Do it. Here is why they are important.

Your thoughts patterns and the way you feel depends on 3 things:

  1. Your Language patterns
  2. Your Physical pattern
  3. Your Emotional pattern

To break an obsessive thought, you GOTTO BREAK ALL OF THESE PATTERNS, While constantly being aware of the fact that this fear is irrational.

Saying things that most life coaches say like “say I’m brilliant,” “I’m awesome” and all sorts of thing are not bad, but they won’t work.

You have to rationalize and realize that it would be stupid to feel negative about yourself. So instead of saying things like these, I want you to do some soul searching and rationalize why your irrational fear should not get the attention you are giving it.

If you try this exercise, soon you will cope up with any anxiety, hypochondria, phobias and panic attacks.

Now, this is just a quick igniter technique I just gave you, obviously, you have to take it seriously and put it into practice, and stop hanging out on places and with negative people who poison your perspective.

If you want to feel in a certain way, you first have to believe in it. Then you move on to another step, which is taking action to make that belief real.

You can waste your energy on worrying or you can put that energy into making things happen, things that you want happening, things that you want to experience.

Worrying about things that you CAN Control is pointless, worrying about things that you CANNOT control is pointless too, because you should believe what you WANT to happen and take a positive action to make that happen. There is no point controlling something that can’t be controlled.

I hope this helps you out.

Be sure to check out the videos I put up on Igniter, they can help you move a step further and they are completely free. (link is down obviously as I’ve taken it down since they are out dated)


Talk Soon,



P.S. – Do you know someone who is having obsessive-compulsive thoughts, anxiety or anything like that? I bet you do, so use the buttons below and share it, maybe you can make a difference in their lives by sharing this information.

P.P.S – I didn’t proof read this post.

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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  1. I have been suffering for anxiety for more than 16 years, this has been really helpful to me, when I have my panic attacks, I usually pray and that helps. You need something to hold on to.

  2. Recovering from Panic attacks means a whole new life to me, I’m waiting for your video you promised in a previous post. 🙂

  3. two days ago, i got myself very drunk, i wrote something to the girl i like. i don’t remember writing it , but it was very offensive. i regret , but now i realize that i suffer from OCD, only if i read this three days ago… anyway, thanks a lot , i feel enlightened now 🙂

  4. It’s really hard to get over these triggers when your constantly being placed into the same situations that originally caused the Anxiety to begin with! Yeah Mabie these events don’t always lead to the same outcome, but if u can never be too sure then u are never going to get over these fears, therefore it’s virtually impossible to overcome the anxiety/panic attacks unless u rule out the sorse that caused it… But unfortunately sometimes this is also one of the fears! It’s like you are constantly living on the edge… Never knowing when the storm will pass or not & there’s nothing worse than feeling like u are being constantly watched & constantly feeling as though u have someone peering over your shoulder waiting for u to mess up & that really does damage to your self esteem… & that’s just the beginning :/

  5. Hey sir can you help me get rid of these urge to murder I don’t wanna kill but keeps rolling my mind how can I get rid of it?

  6. hai timothy aruta

    Me too have the same problems. But i can overcome it. Just believe in your self, by reading an article or watching a video dont make your mind believe that you are such a kind of person. Just move on.,when you get these type of thoughts just look to the nature…its beauty.,calmness…try to talk with nature. First you realize every human being got these type of thoughts., so dont make yourself different from others..take things silly..
    Peace comes from within.Do not seek it without..

  7. Me too have obsession since childhood. I am on antidepressants since 17 years. I become panicky very fast. I become restless. I do all nonsense related to cleanliness. Fear of someone getting hurt if I do not remove garbage specially polythene bags from road. Cleaning my surrounding. Daily I get stuck in my thoughts. I am sleeping less approximately 5 hrs. Dailu i decide not to act stupid acts but obsession dominates.

    I read this article. It’s really impressive. I never heard o thoght patter any previously read articles. It really impresses. I am confident I will win over my fears.

  8. I just came across this and wanted to know how to use the questions ? I have ocd and health anxiety Any help
    Will be so appreciated

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