How To Launch An App

how to launch an app, web app or game

how to launch an app, web app or game

A Short Guide For Constructing A Launch Of Your App, Web-App Or A Game That Crushes The Charts

Launching an app is highly important and strategic decision that you have to make. It is also one of the best ways to get initial active user base and make some quick cash.

This short guide is only for AAA quality games, apps and web-apps – believe me – you product matters and building an inferior or ripped off product and thinking that you can pull it off in marketing is not the right approach. Your marketing will revolve around your product, how it works, its features and unique selling elements.

What is sad is that a lot of developers
out there have great apps, web-apps or games and most of them don’t even bother promoting them actively, let alone running a strategic launch.

What is an app (or web-app) launch?

A launch is a set of promotional campaigns that you run over a tight period of time under a pre-planned strategy.

Different markets and niches require a different launch strategy depending upon your target audience and potential loyal active user base.

Why run a launch?

A highly strategic and well executed marketing strategy will help you cut through the clutter and noise in the industry and reach as much of your target audience as possible in initial phase. With over a million apps and countless web-apps both existing and upcoming, it is extremely hard to grab attention of people. A launch that is well executed helps you cut through all this and give you more an edge over the others.

In this article I’ll show you some basic outline of engineering a set of promotional campaign under a launch strategy.

Watch this video clip taken from one of my webinar:

When I’m engineering a launch, I would like to have full control over the marketing messages and campaigns. When you’re planning a potential launch – always focus on it and eliminate everything else. For this short period – all the energy should be poured into the blast.

 Here are few steps you need to take to construct it:

    1. Research

Now this is ultra-important and you gotto know your costumer or potential user as much as you can. You also need to gather as much data as possible about your market’s popular promotional strategies used by your competitor. Do some competitive analysis and gain intelligence based on that. The more you know about your customer and competitor – the better strategy you can come up it.

Figure out the average advertising costs and targeting the people who are MOST likely to buy your product or test your app/game out, who are the most prominent bloggers and journalists who might be interested in writing about your product potentially (gotta be careful here!)

But the more in-depth knowledge you have about your customer – the easier it will be for you to position your offer towards him.

    1. Brain storm based on this data you gathered during the research

This is no brainer, right?

You gotto brainstorm about your offer, product’s unique selling positioning and so on based on this. You gotto figure it all out based on the potential customer’s avatar and research analysis you’ve done.

    1. Strategize and test

Based on the video above – strategize the promotional campaigns, strategies and so on.

List the set of important promotional campaigns that has to be tested.

The most popular ones that I’ve used are email (and social media) based launch. Some people build an event (competition) around their launch or launch it like an event and it gets great amount of response.

Some people like to launch it differently relying on bloggers and reviewers to write or video about their product – which is not the best strategy but doable if you can plan it much in advance and have connections. (People do it with YouTube reviewers)

Keep in mind: Just because strategy A worked for company B, doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you.

So the point is – strategize in advanced and see what promotional strategies you can execute to launch your product.

Testing here again, is highly crucial – whether it’s your landing page, PPC ads, copy or anything – you gotto test as much as possible.

Tip: Try to figure out why test A performed better than test B. Don’t just take the results blindly.

It will help you learn more from the test, and create better marketing strategies in future.

    1. Schedule your launch (prelaunch and so on…)

Plan the execution for your big week in advanced – make sure things are in place. Some people hire launch managers for tasks like this. Usually they have team including – launch manager, partnerships and JV, copywriter, traffic strategist, PR guy and social media guy. This team is under VP of marketing.

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Make sure that you don’t panic because things sometimes do not go all pre-planned due to several reasons – main of which is noise and overwhelmed mind.

Figure out the dates that could be best for coverage – response and other things. Again – you need to test it all in advanced or work with a consultant in this industry.

  1. Post launch automation

Not a lot of people think about it – but launch is a great branding strategy and from one point of view – it builds your business faster than anything else.

It’s great for building social proof and other elements which helps in long run and help your startup to grow.

Post launch automation is a word I use when the highest performing campaigns during the launch are automated after the launch until they gives a good ROI. We keep on running those campaigns as long as they keep performing.


In conclusion

If you’ve got a great app, web-app or a game – it would be no brainer for you to think about doing a launch or a re-launch of new versions because it is absolutely worth it.

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  1. This is a great read! I like the order of things that need to be done and that all the info was in nice and short point form. Thanks for the post!


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