How To Make Money With Mobile Apps And Games

How To Make Money With Apps

There are a lot of ways you can make money with apps and mobile games. In fact, you don’t even need to be a guy to come up with ideas or sniping other working idea concepts and build it or do it yourself.

In article series like this I’m going to show you various NON-TRADITIONAL ways to make money from apps and games. This is going to be a mini how to series. If you want updates then subscribe to my blog.

Ways to make money with apps – Way number 1 of 4

Here in this example, I’ll show you that you can basically build an app for someone else and make money in the process. You can also outsource the development and make some profits in the process.

Some important tips beforehand:

  1. Make sure that the developer and graphics guy who you are outsourcing or hiring to is pre-tested before and you are comfortable and happy to work with him. You must test him on a smaller project before.
  2. Describe the project clearly and make sure that communication is clear so that you can avoid hidden price bumps.
  3. Everything that you expect and your client expects should be crystal clear before you move forward.

Enter Jenny:

Jenny has a restaurant and she wants more customers. So you approached her with a strategy that could help her get some customers.

You tell her to build a game, and give it away for free via QR codes and promote via Facebook and so on. The game is based on her restaurant. The top 3 high scorer will get a free dinner.

The levels in game are based on the special menu items and a story revolves/theme around the restaurant

And you also have a feature that her customers get a free beer or coffee if they invite one or two friends to download your app or leave a review anywhere you want.

The users who made the high scores have to share their scores and a message that they won a free dinner on Facebook or twitter to qualify. This will generate some visibility and social media engagement for her restaurant and she might get some mouth marketing.

Now she is getting free marketing for her business and more people hear about her restaurant and come to it.

This is just one example. You can come up with various ideas about how to help local restaurant owners and other local business owners.You make money by helping her and countless others get this game/app built and launch, and she gets a return on her investment by getting a good flow of clients and marketing.

There are a lot ways you can innovate on it.

Mobile roadie has a similar business model and it is pretty successful. My friend Trey Smith is working on a secret project that might serve this market. I want to keep this short so I’ll stop here and show you some more ways in next article. Be sure to subscribe here.

But before I stop here some additional things you might wanna keep in mind if you wanna use this strategy:

  1. Work for some local and prominent restaurant owners or any local business owners for free to get some referrals, testimonials and something you can feature.
  2. Dramatically demonstrate the whole process to potential clients
  3. Actively engage in networking to find more clients, find big ones and charge more by delivering high quality, bundle add-ons together.
  4. Be specific with everything when it comes to communication
  5. Move fast


All righty! So that’s it for today.

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