How To Use Pre-selling To Drastically Increase Conversion Rates

This is REALLY powerful

This is just something cool we learned, even though this is one of the basics of direct response.

I thought it would be nice to share it with you in this post.

So we ran a product launch this week and the landing page conversions were obscenely high.

We couldn’t quite figure out what in the hell was going on, is our tracking wrong? or Is it something else?

Then I double checked the numbers by matching the numbers with GT webinar optins.

It checked out!

The lander was normal, nothing too flashy I wrote the copy in like 15 minutes.

So what made this lander convert like crazy?

The big difference was “PRE-SELLING.”

Basically, we did a great job by using ads to pre-sold the big idea behind the webinar, why we’re doing it and what they’ll get.

Over, and over, again and again.

One of the things you can try is using retargeting ads to distribute launch “nuggets.”

Which is what I call small pieces of content that build up goodwill and establish you as a cool guy in the niche.

And these small pieces of content builds on towards your main webinar. Like leading them in a linear way.

Another thing is that the event HAS to be an EVENT. (event = webinar)

So you can’t pull off those pre-recorded stuff that everyone and their dog is preaching about.

And you have to prove that it would be live too, because if you’re using webinarJam, it looks way too similar to Ever Webinar.

I do it by using GT webinar. But you can use something else too.

Another thing that we’ll be testing is mass broadcast, like using Periscope, Snapchat, FB lives Youtube Live all at the same time to distribute an event.

One really big name in “self-help” niche is doing that and having an amazing success. (can you guess his name? It starts with T and Ends with I)

Either way, I’ll let you know the results and maybe we’ll do one together straight from our St. Kitts event!

Until Then, Stay Frosty


Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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