Stop drinking the “kool-aid!”

Hey there,

I wanted to talk to you about some serious business…

This is one of the most important blog posts that I’ll ever put together for you and trust me it will be worth a read.

As I was preparing the material for SaaS Academy LIVE. I wrote down some ideas on what to talk about…

And this one was THE MOST IMPORTANT lesson that you will ever learn as an entrepreneur

As a matter of fact, it is so freakin’ important that I’m actually going to give it away to you for free.

You can learn those lessons here in this video, that I just uploaded on YouTube

Okay so why am I teaching this to everyone on my list?

Simple, I do not want you to quit based on some terrible gut wrenching anxious events that could put you on a chronic entrepreneurial anxiety like it did to me.

I got screwed over, I mismanaged my time and I made some terrible mistakes. Even the thought of those events makes a smarter and more experienced me cringe.

But there is no such thing as a painless lesson, what matters is how fast you adapt, learn and tweak your future judgements based on that experience…

Anxious little moments will happen to you in business, that’s just how it is.

The moments where you encounter uncertainties in predictable events.

I know that’s a complicated sentence, which is why you should watch this video where I simplified it a bit.

The gurus who preach hustle and grinding to succeed in business, working graveyard shifts are wrong.

It doesn’t HAS to be this way. We let our uncontrolled motivation and unaligned desires take control over how we work, and dismantle our efficiency.

And we get lost and don’t remember where the time went away…

We try to save some money and supplement it by spending our time instead, doing things that we shouldn’t be doing.

At the end of the day, why are you doing this?

For yourself or your family, right?

At the end of the day, I look back and see the hours and hours of me grinding and hustling every single day for almost a decade, I wish I would’ve known the process that I showed you in the video back when I was starting up.

There is nothing to buy, just a gesture of good will for staying with me for this long and being my active subscriber.

Anyway, here is what you’ll learn in the video:

  1. Three most important lessons in business, that only experience can teach you
  2. How to manage your time effectively
  3. And how to make sure your business doesn’t make you its bitch (pardon my french)

I also, later on explored on how to build a FULLY autopilot SaaS business by modeling a business called

Which was refreshing since I’m really freaking good at high ticket model which makes several times more money but niche SaaS sites like this one are extremely awesome for a second source of income which doesn’t require any work what so ever, maybe customer support.

They’re an awesome business which the owners are trying to sell for $800k and as I was reading their prospectus, it was amazing how they built is without any inbound marketing BS.

Simple SaaS that solves a problem, they built it for $4k and generated traffic via simple PPC in a niche that doesn’t has that much of a competition and boom, 17k net revenue each month with criminally low traffic costs, only 2% churn and 5% monthly growth.

Let me know what your thoughts by emailing me at w[AT]

Stay Frosty and Stop Drinkin’ The Kool-Aid


At the end of our lives, we will only wish for more time, and not more money.

Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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