Lessons from World’s Coolest Cult of Secrecy

Lesson's from apple business strategies

Steve JobsThis morning I was sitting in my lawn swapping some pages of a book (I was trying to read), I went through an incredible chapter. The book called “Inside Steve’s Brain.” I forgot who wrote it but it has some killer lessons.

I’m gonna share some lessons which I accidentally learned from the book.

BTW is a short book, not some 1000 pages pain in the ass, if you are thinking of buying it, then go get it. It’s really good and worth investing your time.

But still read this post because I know 90% of people don’t go through the whole “informative book.” I mean people never leave books unreaded if they are some crap like harry potter, but if they are some good shit like this one then daah!

They hardly go after 2nd chapter. You know what I mean?

It’s about business life of our mean old turtle neck Steve Jobs.

We all know who he is.

He is our planet’s one of the coolest marketer or say CEO ever. He knows how to sell stuff. His taste of picking product is so awesome that no product of apple actually sucked like hell in his years of activeness.

We can learn some of the best marketing lessons from Jobs’ marketing campaigns and his cult of secrecy.

I’m writing series of cool stuff what I learned from him so you better subscribe to avoid missing things. I’m writing series of these few cool articles because there are lot of things I learned from him and Apple and I can’t explain it in one article without making it a boring read.

All right so let’s get to the point

Here is what I’ve learned from his style of working

The Return of Jobs

One bright July morning in 1997, Steve Jobs returned to the company he co-founded twenty years before in his bedroom with Woz.
Apple was just 6 months away from bankruptcy. No one was buying its products, stocks was falling like hell and media guys were predicting when it will die.

How saying no saved the Apple

When Jobs returned, Apple has engineers working of various projects. As you know Apple was just few months away from bankruptcy. Jobs decided to terminate all the projects and let the company focus on few projects, like at that time it were mac computers and its OS.
This is in, my words known as “Killer Focus Methodology”

Terminate all unnecessary projects and focus only on the key projects that you (or your company) is best at, use every mental resources of the company to make the best products in the world.

And doing that, saved Apple.

“Apple has some tremendous assets, and without them the company could…could, I’m searching for the right world…could die! – Steve Jobs”

They focused really hard on how to design the new Mac OS interface, and making it as simple as possible with some good metal finish that gave its users a feeling of smoothness and till now they haven’t changed the interface of some of their stuff like Quick Time etc.

He focused hard on product packaging, and he thinks it’s a great way to introduce new technology and it helps avoid refunds.

That worked great for them and this will work for anybody in any niche if you sell any physical products.
Everyone in the relevant market is trying to copy Apple or Google. That’s because of their focus, simplicity in design and delivery and of course, the technology. And not to forget the main reason, people fucking love’em. Apple started from scratch.

When jobs return and it was like a startup by somebody who has got experience.

That’s what I want you to fill in your head!

Money and ventures maybe a good asset but they doesn’t lead us to success, the only thing that will lead you to success is the process you develop to utilize your experience.
How you see things and how you control your business, even if it’s just a single person business that you run from your bedroom, doesn’t matter!
Just make sure that you don’t get delay in getting the damn things done, get the free igniter report and video I made to avoid it, don’t worry its free.
“I’m looking for a fixer upper with a solid foundation. I’m willing to tear down the walls, build bridges and light fires. I have great experience, lots of energy, a bit of that “vision thing” and I’m not afraid to start from the beginning.” – Steve Jobs

So get a pen and paper or start taking notes anywhere I dunno where but just take the notes:

1. Get busy, roll up your sleeves, get to work, complete all pending work right now, and don’t postpone important work. Jobs go to his “job”(at apple) at 6 o clock in morning, get back at 10 pm and go straight into bed, and then wake up at 6, and get to work straightly. He do his morning rituals at Apple.

I’m not telling you to do that and work like hell. What’s important is that you know the importance of things. If he didn’t get all damn things done and cut off distracting things from apple, the company would have died.

2. Face the bitch: accept your hard decision. Don’t get back in firing bozos and who is distracting your business’ focus. Maybe you like’em, but understand the importance of the situation. Make some painful decision in the benefit for the sake of future. It can’t go on like this, so better change things now! (Jobs did the same)

3. Don’t make your emotions let you down: get cool and clear, shift to a better and a calm perspective.

4. Be firm: it couldn’t be easy, but Jobs was firm and fair. He began his drastic reorganization and rebuilding the whole company. He knows very well what the right thing to be done is.

5. Don’t Guess! Get informed! It’s not easy than guessing, but fair.

6. FOCUS means SAYING NO. Focusing on lots of things with limited resources can kill the company for sure, and in most cases, it did!

7. Always focus on areas that you can execute very well. Like if you are in online marketing, you should focus more on product development and customer experience and then how to approach customers.

8. Focus on what you are good at and make things simple. Hire somebody for the complex head banging stuff.

In the next post, I’ll cover some other cool stuff I learned from his style of doing business that includes product design and how he choose products.

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