[MENTAL HACK] What Is A Lead?

Lemme show you EGGZACTLY how I craft my marketing campaigns

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You might be wondering, well that’s a lame question!

I know what a lead is! Why are you asking me this question?

Here is why: How YOU define YOUR leads could make a HUGE difference in your business.

This is a strategy I’ve learned a long time ago and it changed the way I design my marketing campaigns and I’m sure it will change yours too…

When I run an ad, I try to lure people in by starting a conversation via my ad creative. 

That conversation’s goal is to get them to buy from me and establish a long-term relationship with them.

Same process humans go through to create a relationship and form friendship bonds.

Now here is my philosophy with leads: A lead is someone who gave you his contact info and has a STORY behind why he gave you that info and EXPECT something from you.

[quote_right]A lead is someone who gave you his contact info and has a STORY behind why he gave you that info and EXPECT something from you.[/quote_right]

Keywords here are story and expectations.

If your lead doesn’t have these two properties, then it is NOT a lead but just a mere contact info.

And that’s how I define what is a lead to me and how I differentiate between a contact and a lead…

Now based on this philosophy I create these “conversation points” that pushes them forward in the relationship.

I do it via behavioral retargeting but it has to be a conversion, not a generic buy now call…

This conversation that I trigger via my ad creative attracts people who relate to it

And they all have a story on why they relate to it. (You might have learned that from my email: Darker Than Black, if you haven’t then subscribe here to get access to them, it’s free)


That to me, is a lead.

Now they have a story, I’ve figured it out by attractive them via a conversation based ad creative specifically designed to attract them i.e peep with similar story.

Now it’s time to introduce further conversational points to strengthen that relationship.

Now I also pitch them a relevant product.

Okay here is the thing at this stage, most people will say – OVER-DELIVERY IS THE WAY TO GO!!!

Now I get it, you wanna go an extra mile in helping your prospect with your product.


Lemme explain why…

Most people are doing over delivery wrong. And all they mean by over delivery is giving them more “stuff.”

That’s BS

Ya see, you promised people results and a solution. They don’t want more “stuff.” They signed up to have their problem solved not to get stuff and giving them more of that stuff won’t work.

Your job is to get them THOSE RESULTS.

If they don’t get those results, then you REFINE how you’re delivering that solution.

You see, it is all about the results and that’s all your prospects care about.

I mean that’s what you and I care about too – The results!

Now back to the point:

How you define something is important, because if you notice I just showed you my entire process by giving you my definition of leads.

Stay Frosty


Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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