This Is How Android Can Be an App Heaven Like iOS

iOS vs Android

I have to be honest here, I do not like android. Not because I like iOS more or anything like that, but because of the fragmentation issues and extreme openness.

Sometimes this much openness is not good for the end user. Yeah you can say it really nice to be an open platform because developers can get a lot of options and stuff, but just think about it. The apps are not controlled or properly moderated. There are many app stores online with almost no quality control or cross compatibility. It’s just like Google doesn’t even trying to improve the fragmentation issues.

Read on to find some other issues.


Now I might not like android, but I like Google. I love Google more than Apple®. I think Google is the best company ever.

And I also love competition. If it wasn’t of android, Apple might’ve declared itself an independent territory.

I think if Google “plays” it nicely and utilize its recent purchase of Motorola mobility, it can seriously give a very close experience like the way we get on iPhone or an iPad.

So I have few ideas that Google might “play” in future. I hope it does. This will make our life easier, us developers. The coming few decades are going to be of the post PC revolution and there are going to be only two rivals – Apple® and Google®.


Apple provides amazing experience to its users with its post PC devices. Having led this amazing breakthrough with how we use our digital devices, Apple has done an extremely good job with iOS and the control it shows with apps and what goes in and out.

Apple controls the whole user experience, with the hardware to the software to their “credit cards” and security. This gives the controlled and the best possible and optimized user experience.

We should always remember that it is not about us “geeks” or developers or content creators or anyone else except the “end user.”

The one who does a good job giving him the orgasm with amazing user experience – will win this race.

So why the android does seem like it is dominating the market share slowly?

There is a simple reason behind that. And that is that android comes in different varieties. It is also purchased by the majority of audience which doesn’t have that much of heavy web usage. Still there are exceptions. And the biggest reason for its growth is the new Samsung’s Galaxy lineup. I very much like the hardware of Samsung Galaxy S3, while I dislike the design because I think it seems like it is more designed by a committee in collaboration with lawyers.

Samsung and HTC has given android a significant boost.

But still there are few problems and it’s not just fragmentation.


Here are few reasons why as a developer you might not wanna build your FIRST app for android:

First, android has various hardwares in the market place running various different versions of android. You would be surprised that only 2% of people are running the honey comb and around 5% the new and latest ice cream sandwich. (2012)

Every Apple iOS device has a user with its credit card and ability to purchase stuff from just one tap.

Android is popular in countries who do not usually buys apps and in app purchases online unlike iOS. This might be a little controversial, but Android is more popular in second world countries with an exception of few European countries while iOS is more popular in USA, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and It’s rising in China too.

While Android is more popular in few European countries, India, South east asia and similar countries.

So for your new App, Android is NOT a good market place to start.

On the other hand, iOS has amazing developing environment and less or no fragmentation:

Buyers can easily buy with confidence because Apple only approves legit apps and also control some in app privacy options.

There is a very little fragmentation because most of the iOS devices are running the latest iOS and carefully selected and configured hardware by the best tech team in the world. There are no 100,000 different variants.

So if this is your first app, start with an iOS and then scale it to android. Because if you’re starting up, it would be easier with testing, marketing and it is recommended if you’re not a geek like me.

Having said that, what else Google might do to push android experience to iOS level?


Well there are other two things that Google can to do if they need to improve the end user experience:

One is to address fragmentation.

This is some serious shit. This will make it easier for the developers to deal with the beta testing. This will improve the end user experience ultimately.

Second is to control as much elements of OS as they can.

With the future updates, Google can restrict third party App stores and restrict the installation of unauthorized or unapproved apps.

All the apps have to be tested for the respected for the respected configuration and must not be buggy at all. I think Google can easily do this with the new Google Play as well as the next android updates. Now obviously Samsung and HTC are not gonna like it, but hey who is the most important guy here? That’s right, it’s the end user. Screw everyone else.

Google should also use its recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility and build its own in-house tablets and phones with fully controlled environment. With all the amazing and free Google services deeply integrated with a controlled android OS, Google can really make a difference in the mobile world.

While iOS will still be slightly better because of the decision the late Steve Jobs and team took before building these devices, total control of ultimate user experience.

I think that windows phone can give a really awesome competition to android in near future, won’t say this for iPhone. Who cares I loves competition! Just check this article out by Steve Wozniak.



Talk Soon



P.S. – I’m extremely curious for the next android update.

P.P.S – I’m also going to WWDC in June 2012. So I will post few important updates from there too. Follow me on twitter.


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The Most Absolute Future of Apps and The Gold Rush

mobile apps

As we move forward with the post PC revolution, the apps are taking over the world. Popularized by the iPhone, Apple really bought apps into the daily usage and brings into our life with a whole new experience that doesn’t suck, like when phone used to have crappy OS with crappy apps written by non-enthusiast programmers. Today, there is an app for almost everything. But still, this approach is not going to be the most absolute future for the next 30+ years.

When I need to search for a hotel, I go to my iPhone and tap on Hotel Tonight app to search for hotels and last minute deals. I use a few different apps to check out few other things and reviews and stuff. This has made my life a whole lot easier. Now I do not have to carry my MacBook everywhere. If I want to check out anything, I just get my iPhone or iPad out, tap on a beautifully designed app and boom.

But as time goes by, this wonderful ecosystem might go a little stale for reasons that aren’t visible today.

While there are going to be some amazing changes in the field of technology, which will allow some of the heavy designing and some amazing games on the iOS platform, like we’re right now working on an amazing gaming engine so that we can use and license it to develop some of the most amazing games for iOS platform.

I personally, believe this is an amazing time for making fortune with apps for post PC devices. Because this is only starting up, and things are going to be very green in the coming future.

I’m assuming Apple will do something to make products for people who can’t afford the iPhone or iPad (parts other than US) and maybe it’s a good idea to subsidize them, because there are lots of different ways apple can make money like from app store or iTunes. And these devices are the platform for that.

Android doesn’t have a controlled environment and there are a billion different devices for android, it might have to deal with fragmentation problem even more than how much it has deal currently, but still, android is slowly rising. However, more sales of android doesn’t means more opportunity for game developers because games have specific requirements, specially the kinda games that I’m developing and the games people love to buy with high requirements.

Android is a pretty awesome market for apps that doesn’t have special requirements unlike games. It can be awesome for apps like “clear” or “Oink.”

These beautifully designed apps with amazing and specific functionality is the future of apps for the next 4 years and this will probably make you a lot of money just like some of my clients.

One of my client has achieved more than 1,200,000 downloads of a paid apps in app store. Another one is just about to reach 800,000. The way they are able to do this is by the “product oriented marketing” launch system that I initiate before the development of the app starts, as well as the network of absolutely free and amazing apps they have. We run some promotional campaigns and offer specialized perks for the people who have downloaded the absolutely free apps and took some action from the splash screen or a pop up to try the new paid apps and we give them some instant bonus just to watch the explainer video in a beautifully designed inapp landing page, where they reach instantly when they tap on splash screen without any sort of extra action from them or delay.

The rule is that if it looks douchey and if your offer is stale, popping up over and over again and it just looks a douchey promotional thing, the next time here is what’s gonna happen: people will ignore your offer and your users will be less responsive for the next promotions that you’ll be running in future sometime using the same splash screen and inapp landing page.


Some other clients used other strategies to gain downloads like social media inapp integration and promotions we ran. If you want to learn more, signup for a strategy session with an Igniter Ingenium.


But how much I’m being excited about some amazing games taking over the post PC devices as they more powerful and easier to use, but this still isn’t something that is the most absolute convenience for the future.

You know how people will use the apps?

They will do it directly on the web. Just enter the url and boom, there is an amazing website or service that works and looks exactly like an app that you use on your iOS.

Some of the apps for Google’s Chromium work like this, but it still is very early, however Google has shown us what can be done with the current technologies, just see Google analytics and how it functions, it is just amazing.

Some games powered by html 5 have already showed up the possibilities, Check out some HTML5 powered games.


This is totally cool! Check out this HTML5 game, remember wolfenstein?


There is a lot that can be done with HTML5, CSS3 with combination of some other languages.

BUT – There is still a missing piece here, somewhere, and I hope this solves. This is the real bridge and gap for that to happen.

But still I hate to see hotel websites using flash and I need to jump over to the app to check out some information and hotel website is just not accessible by my iPhone because of flash. Please use HTML5 for your website from now on.

Flash was an amazing piece of software, killed by apple for its native iOS platforms (iPad, iPhone and iPod -T) because of some issues with malwares and security, processing usage and battery drainage and since Adobe® controls it, Apple just don’t want that and make its gizmos depend on it. I think this was a smart move for long term.

But still, the future for this kind of thing to happen is nowhere near. It will require another possible revolution and I hope this happens with graphene and other revolutions.

Right now, just make money developing some amazing apps for iOS and Android and go with the flow.

Things are smooth in this age of personal computing reinvented by the post PC.


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5 Simple Steps To Make Sure That Your Programmer Doesn’t Rip You Off

App programmer rip off

You might have this fear that the programmer that you’re about to hire from elance or odesk might rip you off. Or maybe the one who is working with you might rip you or your idea off. You might have taken the movie “Social Network” a little too seriously but here is the thing, it’s normal to think like that and equally important to protect yourself.

So you’ve decided to hire a programmer. This article will focus for the people thinking of getting a programmer from odesk or elance for their next app project. It can be for iOS or android. But it is applicable in other technical areas too.

So once you’ve got your project outline done, it’s time to find someone who can get it done for you.

In past 5 years I’ve developed some tech projects, built my own social network which failed, but I still believed it was probably one of the best looking social network of its time. I’ve built some tiny apps for windows and JAVA apps for some business thing required by my partners or my very own business.

For some projects, I have hired developers from odesk full time. There is this programmer I hired who worked with him for maybe around 3 months to get an app built for a client. I cannot reveal the numbers and stuff due to NDA, but I can say that app went out to be in top 10 within the 30 days of its launch. It was also approved by the app store right when we submitted it, there wasn’t any bug reported. Plus the developer was awesome from every angle, we paid him more than enough and send him additional “non-monetary” benefits as perks for a nice job done. My main objective was to hire the best programmer possible who can understand the complexity of our project, simplify it and write the code like an artist writing poem.

And he did it.

I also have some bad experiences with some coders but most of them were “agencies.”

The rule of thumb is that – never work with an agency.

There is no possible way you can get personal interaction with the same person and most of the time it’s very stressful.

It is true that I know some people who have been ripped off by their programmer. This is not very common, but still possible. Who knows?

So here are some of the ways you can make sure that you don’t get ripped off by anyone:

1. Don’t reveal your ideas about your project while posting it online.

Keep it simple. Just write down what requirements you need from a programmer. But for the love of god don’t reveal your exact ideas in your job posts. Many times the other guys who see it online, might rip you off. Some guys visit sites like odesk and elance just to steal ideas from the job posts.

2. Never say what exactly your project is.

You might not want to give exact details for the aforementioned reason. It is basically common sense but most of the time some people think that they might need to describe “exactly what they want to get done” in a job posting on odesk or elance.

Never say how you’re going to market it.

3. Get legal stuff done

If possible, apply for a patent, copyright or trademark of whatever you have. When you’re legally protected, it is hard for you to get ripped. Get a contract signed with your programmer, don’t legally scare him off. But if this is possible and “worth doing it” for your project, it is a plus. But most of the time your programmer is offshore so it’s not possible because of jurisdiction. I’m not a lawyer and this is not any legal advice in any form.

4. Get it DONE fast and keep it improving

You obviously have a good idea about your project and how it needs to be done. So you can get it done and launch it much faster than everyone else who might be potentially thinking of ripping you off. See, here is the thing: your programmer is NOT a marketer. He probably doesn’t have any intention of making a zillion dollar ripping you off. The important thing is to keep him engaged with your work, get the track of the stuff he is doing and make sure you have the source files of the code.

Another thing is that keeps your app improving via updates as much as you can. When you do it, you take an edge from anyone who is thinking of launching a similar thing in future.

5. Think 10 times before hiring, but fire fast – And TEST!

Your programmer is a significant and an important part of your team. You need to think 10 times before hiring him. Check out his past projects and ratings, reviews and number of hours. If you’re planning a very big project then test them out by giving them small complex project and see if they performs extraordinarily or not.

This is the single best technique I know when I hire someone off odesk or elance.

I try to compare them by some factors like who was more committed, more open and did the job perfectly. Who was on time and whose performance shuffled. This is a little bit expensive but I would definitely do it for a big project.

If a person is causing friction then go ahead, fire him.


If you like this, you might also enjoy a free video and a report that I have about significantly important things you that you must know before starting an app business or developing an app and protecting your app from failure.

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Economic downfall of India and China

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Deception of Reality and The New Year’s Ghost

New Year ghost by Wayne Harrel

After I recovered, I was taking light sips of my tea, the lemon was rotten so I have to throw the tea away and make another one.

So, I was wondering about it and all I know was that the poison I injected into myself was NOT good…

… that poison isn’t what you’re thinking, it was all inside my head.

That day was somewhere in past where my memory was very bright, because I was worrying and overthinking it…

It was the time I realized that I have changed completely. And I don’t like that change, my productivity dropped, my creativity got wiped out… my brain was a child and my worries were the wiper of creativity and productivity.

It turns out that I was in the grey zone. The old productive Wayne Harrel was sick and need care… yet no one can help him out of there…

I was worrying about things that were not real and may not happen in future if I don’t take speedy actions. I developed an irrational fear.

Most people in the world, especially in developed nations, develop several types of irrational fears. These fears are not happening, and they will not do any harm to you, you do harm to yourself by assuming that these fears are real. You have to detoxify yourself in an order to move a step ahead.

I was thinking of visiting a psychologist and so I did. He told me to sit down on a chair sorta thing which was definitely not comfortable. He asked me several questions and told me the obvious – that your fears are irrational and anxiety is not worth worrying. I must let them go.

And then he prescribed me some drugs and mild dosage of Prozac® and sent me home. I didn’t bought the prescription because I thought it was all in my head.

I wasn’t sick, it was the negative pattern of thoughts that put me into grey zone and changed my mindset.

I said to myself that – I’m not taking that shit!

I got an idea …only because I was aware of my condition.

If only I can reverse engineer it all, I can go back to normal and become more powerful than ever…

So that’s what I did.

See, life is deception in the current world.

There is a reason why there is a lot of negativity all around us. That the reason is because YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IT.

Every time you engage in negative gossip

Every time you watch some negative general news

Every time you backbite

Every time you watch crap on the idiot box

Every time you ACCEPT negativityYou inject the poison into yourself.


I believe there is a lot of positivity in the world.

Well, technically these times are better than all that existed before.

Think about it. People live longer than ever.

My friend Brandon told me that – Fifty years ago one of the biggest problems facing humanity was starvation and malnutrition. Today we still have it, but in nearly 100% of the situations that we do it is as a result of political corruption – and we live in a time now that we see OBESITY and Diabetic conditions creating as big of a problem as lack of food. Crazy!!! In the entire history of the world – you could have never convinced people that one of the biggest problems facing humanity would be TOO MUCH FOOD -even in the developed world folks would have thought you had positively lost your friggin mind.

The point is that you “should” know when the deception of the world is taking place.

I believe that possibilities are super endless. I’m able to help people, connect with awesome people, create value and distribute it without spending a ton of money.

Thanks to the internet.

Vaccines, antibiotics, refrigeration, modern agriculture, MRI, CAT scans, X-Ray Imaging, anti-viral medication, organ transplants, water purification and stem cells etc etc…

The scientific world has increased average life expectancy from 25 years to 75 years. The scientific world has reduced infant mortality rates. The scientific world has made it possible for you to survive previously incurable diseases. You are living off the scientific world’s achievements.

And we will move forward, much ahead than where our current imagination takes us



In past years, I’ve got some of the biggest realizations of my life from my panic attacks and anxiety, they were like LSD for me. I tried to cope from them by educating myself and realized how our brain is not compatible for the current world. If we can understand this reality and educate ourselves about wealth and human behavior, we can literally change our reality. Education is a tool and mindset is our most valuable asset, that can be attained from it.

Just by being aware, you can change yourself.

When you grow up, you’re told that things aren’t that easy. You have to live up towards the values, but who made those values?

Steve describes it best here:



In this New Year whether you make any resolutions or not, it just doesn’t matter.

Here is why:

There are important things than resolutions.

And the only thing I want you to do is to develop a new mindset and detox your brain.

Change your language pattern.

Break habits.

Be more aware.

Invest in mindset

Develop and master skills that can serve you your whole life.

And… make a difference.

Make each and every day… count.

Because I know how it feels when you have limited time.

We all have limited time, but people behave differently when they know they only have 5 years than those who believe who have 50 years to live.

There is no time to waste because you have to create moments.

You never know if you only got 1 year to live.

Maybe you die in 2013 from “anything.” This isn’t really exciting, right?

Sorry to say that, but it’s quite true.

You never “have” time.

You’re living on nature’s absolution.

I’m not saying leave your faith in things, but I want you to believe more in life.

T. Harv Eker used to say this in his events:

“raise a hand tomorrow! Try it… Just do it! Use your power and everything you go…

… you cannot raise a hand tomorrow or yesterday because it JUST DOESN’T EXIST!”

He is damn right.

There is no New Year – which comes every year you’re alive or past – which is over.

There is only present and day of man’s salvation is NOW. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. You may or may not be in it… you never know.

This is the reason why I’m being brutally honest here.


The New Year’s ghost comes inside us, every year. We make some plans and resolutions that 90% of us won’t achieve. We pledge about something that 90% of time doesn’t happen. It looks like this New Year’s ghost is the deception – that you need to make resolutions and it is a “must”…

..but why not? We celebrate new years regardless of our religion and race. We celebrate the Julian calendar’s New Year which is based on pagan philosophy. The same philosophy hated and disgusted by people of middle age, but it is also true that it was better than new religions according to some people.

Your new year begins when you do the following and reinvent yourself…

Otherwise its same ole’ summer, same spring and same ole’ fall

Its same ole’ job, same celebrations and same “variety”

It’s like living in a pattern. Like a cycle.

Why not break this pattern this year? Have some real variety?


The End of The World

2012 is also regarded as the end of the world, especially hyped by the movie “2012” and of course the general news. Another negative news gossip and irresponsibility of media…

Oh! Wow! Why am I not surprised???

Here is the reality:

The Mayans are the same group of people who believe in weird things, eat human flesh and enjoy the person who is tearing a human heart apart as a part of sacrifices like they are watching some sort of porn.

Did I forgot to mention that they do it with family?

2012 mayan calender

Also they never said that world’s gonna end. It’s just their calendar is restarting.


The world has been through worst.

Sunami, solar flares, ice age, tectonic shifts and beiber fever.

So, let’s cut to the chase.

This year is gonna be same pattern of your life, nothing changes and you don’t even know whether it’s your last year or you’ve got 60 more years. I hope you’ve got 80 more years but who knows, right?


So, make sure you execute the following:

[list style=”list2″ color=”gray”]

  • Detox your brain.
  • Change your language pattern.
  • Break habits.
  • Be more aware.
  • Invest in mindset
  • Develop and master skills that can serve you your whole life.
  • And… make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Make each and every day COUNT.




I hope this New Year and forever, you prosper and live on, create moments that matter to all of us – you, me and people.

When someone says see ya next year on 31st, it kinda feel both sad and exciting, but when someone says see ya tomorrow it feels normal, but again, that’s just me. Another year went and nothing super special, in 2011, I started a whole new business that quite worked out for me, made new several friends and created moments that I’ll remember till I die.

That’s just my life, but there were special moments around the world, someone gone down while someone rose.

I can’t help but to share this quote:

[blockquote align=”center”]You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead… – The Beatles.[/blockquote]

It’s time to welcome 2012 and wish that we create new moments that are worth remembering.

 Happy New Year

happy 2012



Talk Soon




P.S. – Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! how can forget that! Death has made the room for the new generation and the person who created a path left this planet.