10 Awesome Ways To Make Sure That Your New Year Resolutions Happen

New years resolutions tips

New Year’s resolutions are something that we all make at the end of each year. But what you may not know is that most of the New Year’s resolutions never happen, as a matter of fact, somewhere around 90% of New Year’s resolutions never happen in most people’s life.

So to make sure that your New Year resolutions ACTUALLY happen, here are the 10 awesome ways to get things done:

  • Take a 90 days challenge

Whether you wanna lose/gain weight? Or master any new skill? This 90 day challenge thing works pretty damn fine. The mental state of pressure that builds inside us when we take a 90 day challenge motivates us towards taking actions or at least baby steps. So the best way to achieve a goal is to take a 90 day challenge. Over the course of 90 days, spend first 10 days brain storming the subject, action steps and do the following.


  • Create a result driven plan

Without it, you are driving a car without Map in GTA, you will get lost, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re mission will fail, although in most cases without the map you’ll fail. But with a map, things become a lot easier.

new year resolutions requires planning

This is one of the biggest reasons why most New Year’s resolutions fail – Lack of result oriented planning.

Here is the trick, while creating an action plan, arrange the tasks according to the outcome that they give. The maximum outcome goes first and least at the bottom. Then take that 90 or whatever day challenge and execute it.


  • Implement Igniter® Frameworks

Igniter Frameworks are a set of world class frameworks and brilliant systems that helps people who are committed, to move towards the next level of human evolution. Igniter is an intensive result oriented peak performance and personal growth training program. The promise of it is that if you go through the frameworks and implement them, it will result in the biggest breakthrough you’ll ever had.

If you don’t think you can invest in it, don’t worry, just get the free training and download the free exercises that are available and you can still make it very well.


  • Get a life coach or a performance coach

A coach is someone who will measure your result, see through your actions and optimize them for maximum outcome. Even I have hired coaches in different areas of my life, Tony Robbins’ platinum club and business masterminds of some other experts helped me maintain a positive mindset and keep me on track.

If you can’t afford one, just find inspiration and follow the footsteps.


  • Find your passion and stick to it

If you don’t go towards what you want, you’ll never have it, and if you don’t take positive and continuous action, you’ll never move forward or succeed. Pleasures of life come from doing what you love, everything else, is secondary.

So find a purpose, why you matter and why you should do what you do best.


So how do we find our passion? I did my best to explain that in the video below:



  • Get in shape

Just get in shape, you don’t wanna be a fatty or out of shape person because later in life, it will result in instant fatigue if you do anything physical, lack of mental awareness and all sorts of diseases and illness.

It will result in vascular problems, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders and much more. Who want’s that?

In short, it will not only shorten your life span, but also you won’t be able to live with your full bodily potential.

So, take a 90 day challenge and get in shape before mid-2012.


  • Go for a vacation

Take break and go out on a vacation with your friends or family. Stay in a resort, get some weird Asian massages. Experience the natural beauty; meet an old friend or a family member.

Completely cut yourself from your work for a while. This will burst your stress and refresh your pattern and cycle of work, providing you energy to focus.

Go for photography of natural things, participate in a racing competition, go for a “Zero G” ride and do other crazy things.

Here is what I’m doing before mid-2012:

        [list style=”list2″ color=”black”]

        • Go for bungee jumping
        • Sell 2000 seats of the live event
        • Go for “zero G”
        • Attend more masterminds and host one business mastermind
        • Attend Tony Robbins business mastery (I do that every year)
        • Buy a house in San Francisco
        • Go to Russia for a vacation
        • Go to Madagascar for a vacation
        • Try to find a decent date without online dating crap
        • Create a short film


These are the stuff I’m implementing before mid-2012. Post your list in comments section.


  • Detoxify your brain

This is the single most important point of this article and you MUST do it. Brain detoxification is as or in some cases more important than body detoxification.

Cut the crap!

Turn off the television. Television destroys the human mind a lot more than people think it does. 90% of general news is negative news and the one they show about other stuff is either relevant to glamour or anything not relevant to your life. We share 98.6% of the DNA with gorillas, you cannot control irrational fears that negative thoughts will create and it will put you in a pattern of thoughts that requires a lot more than you think to break.

Same goes for magazines, general newspapers or engaging in gossips.

Subscribe to entrepreneur magazine, success magazine and read books that leaves some positive and you actually learn something from them.

If you really wanna watch television, watch comedy stuff.


Watch and share clips like this:

If you think for a while, you’ll realize that at core, people are good.



  • Measure your performance, improve and repeat

When you take an action towards attainment of your goal and you fail, the best thing you can do is measure – improve –repeat.

Follow this cycle until you achieve your goal or say resolutions. If you master this step and implement it on all of your New Year resolutions, you will definitely attain it sooner or later. The best thing is what you learn from it.


  • Take a positive action that has an optimal outcome

Cause without it, you move nowhere…

So, I hope this year isn’t “just another year” for you. I wish you make a difference and make this year your best year ever, because you took some positive actions and made it all happen.

In short, make this year that kind of year in which you can say to yourself at the end of your life – this is when it all started – 2012.

I wish you a very happy New Year. I hope I helped you with your journey.

Until then, be good. Get charged and live on.



Talk Soon


Self-Esteem – Myth vs. Reality

self-esteem for adults

Lack of self-esteem plays a significant role when it comes to underperforming in business and personal life. But what you don’t might hurt you even further.

Low self-esteem is not what you are born with, or you got it from inheritance or as a gift. You got it because you have ignored the three warnings that success coaches and successful people are yelling for decades.

I know a guy name Finn, he lives in Nevada and he has these irrational fears that if he will do something he love and not focus on his job, he will probably die starving. Many people have this kind of mentality and they believe in many irrational fears about certain things happening to them. They have a fear.

What is that fear?

It is the fear of change.

And this fear of change results in low self-esteem. They start to believe that other people who made it are probably lucky or have a lot of money. This is obviously not true.

What you probably don’t know about 1% of people

The 1% are responsible for most of the taxes and people label them as greedy and hungry. What they don’t know about these 1% is that most of them were in 99% at some point in their life. They made their own way through the mud and now they are few of the happiest people on the planet.

Listen, if you have millions of dollars and you are not doing what you love, you can probably cry in a Ferrari but you won’t have that mental state in which we really love living. Trust me, I know this.

But if you love what you do and you earn a decent income, even if it’s not millions of dollars, but you will love every single day of your life.

The people with high self-esteem are no different than you are right now. They have same resources, they have a brain and consciousness. This is all you need when it comes to “physical” things and objects.

But the gap between people with low/average and high self-esteem is created by the choices they made in past. The choices were influenced by their perspective and their perspective is shaped by “the influence they have over themselves.”

Self-esteem graph

So, here is the first warning:

If you will let media and society shape your perspective by letting them influence over yourself, you are most likely to end up in the 95% which has average or low self-esteem

This is it and this is only secret of people who are successful and have high self-esteem.

You don’t need to go to weird classes and coaching programs in which they repeatedly tell you to tell yourself that you are awesome and try hard to convince yourself that you’re worth more than what you think. These types of techniques are good, except they don’t work.

The only way to feel good about yourself is to not let external negative things influence over you. If you see 1000 people failing and dying, and 10 people succeeding, what’s gonna happen?

Well, your reptilian brain will create an irrational fear of you ending up in the failing 1000. But if you see 1000 succeeding and over flow your brain with positive things, you will feel good about the choices you are making and vanish the anxiety of failure.

So, I want you to trash your TV and start getting positive influence over yourself.

Here are the action steps on how to get high self-esteem:

  1. Avoid watching TV with negative content like general news, reality TV and stuff. Watch Family guy y’all!
  2. Avoid engaging in gossips
  3. Appreciate what you have

You don’t need to look like Tom Cruise to feel good about yourself. Most of the highly influential people weren’t attractive, including Mozart, Beethoven, Edison, Tesla and many more.

You don’t need to be rich to feel good about yourself.

You don’t need to be religious in an order to feel good about yourself.

You just have to be yourself and know that people who have high self-esteem and success have same body, brain and though processing system that you have. And you gotto appreciate what you have. You can use what you have to create something wonderful.



So, what do we learn here?

Having low self-esteem isn’t your fault, it is all about the choices you make and how you think about the world and outcomes of your actions. If you can master you’re your actions, create a filter that filters the negative news from poisoning your brain and not letting any external negative forces influence you, you can master how you think and feel about yourself.

Listen, I’m creating a documentary kinda thing, it contains 3 warnings that people should be aware of, if they don’t wanna end up in the 95% of the crowd. And almost all the people (95%) are making one of these three disastrous mistakes and ignoring these warning. Go to igniterframeworks.com to sign up for early notification.




Talk Soon,



Rebel Report - Personal Growth resource

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How to Kill Obsessive Thought Patterns and Anxiety

Obsessive thoughts, especially negative are dangerous for our growth and not cool for the way we want our lives to be. I’ve met several people who’ve been through severe anxiety for years (thanks to calm clinic and other boards), and found a similar pattern in almost all of’em.

Here I’m going to share a technique that can help you get rid of’em.

Basically, anxiety is just a fear in our subconscious, and this fear becomes into a pattern of obsessive thoughts.

This can result in weird things like obsessive-compulsive disorders and panic attacks and other stuff. Some people who haven’t been through all these things often make fun of people who are going through it, especially of those who are hypochondriac.

I call these people ignorant dumbasses.

Here is why

The human mind is very complex, and it interprets things in a certain way and in some cases it misjudges the meaning of a particular event.

What you got to do, is to go deep down into your fear. Do this when you are very calm and stop judging things based on past events, because as Dr. Richard Bandler puts it – the best thing about past is that it’s over.

Your Fear is Irrational

What I want you to do, is to understand that what you fear is probably not gonna happen.

Here is why, you see how I mention in my training (its down as its outdated) that it is our amygdala, which is also called reptilian brain, interprets common things and events and store it into the memory and when we find ourselves in certain situations, it triggers our fear which ultimately results in anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and obsessive thoughts.

When you realize that your fear is just your brain trying to save you from situations that aren’t present in that moment, you will create an awareness about it which will help you to recover. This is what a reputed therapist teaches you in CBT and charge $200 per session. (Recommended sessions: 18 to 24)

They sometimes also put you on some medication to relieve physical symptoms; I believe it isn’t right unless you are having a full blown anxiety or panic attack.

I think facing fear is the key, what you fear is something that isn’t there. So what you gotto do, is to realize and become aware of this fact.

Do this exercise:

  1. What questions do you ask yourself during a panic attack, obsessive “thinkings” and anxiety?
  2. Are you breathing deeply? How are your shoulders?
  3. What would you want to believe or focus on to constantly feel the way you WANT to feel?

Do it. Here is why they are important.

Your thoughts patterns and the way you feel depends on 3 things:

  1. Your Language patterns
  2. Your Physical pattern
  3. Your Emotional pattern

To break an obsessive thought, you GOTTO BREAK ALL OF THESE PATTERNS, While constantly being aware of the fact that this fear is irrational.

Saying things that most life coaches say like “say I’m brilliant,” “I’m awesome” and all sorts of thing are not bad, but they won’t work.

You have to rationalize and realize that it would be stupid to feel negative about yourself. So instead of saying things like these, I want you to do some soul searching and rationalize why your irrational fear should not get the attention you are giving it.

If you try this exercise, soon you will cope up with any anxiety, hypochondria, phobias and panic attacks.

Now, this is just a quick igniter technique I just gave you, obviously, you have to take it seriously and put it into practice, and stop hanging out on places and with negative people who poison your perspective.

If you want to feel in a certain way, you first have to believe in it. Then you move on to another step, which is taking action to make that belief real.

You can waste your energy on worrying or you can put that energy into making things happen, things that you want happening, things that you want to experience.

Worrying about things that you CAN Control is pointless, worrying about things that you CANNOT control is pointless too, because you should believe what you WANT to happen and take a positive action to make that happen. There is no point controlling something that can’t be controlled.

I hope this helps you out.

Be sure to check out the videos I put up on Igniter, they can help you move a step further and they are completely free. (link is down obviously as I’ve taken it down since they are out dated)


Talk Soon,



P.S. – Do you know someone who is having obsessive-compulsive thoughts, anxiety or anything like that? I bet you do, so use the buttons below and share it, maybe you can make a difference in their lives by sharing this information.

P.P.S – I didn’t proof read this post.

Trash Your TV – Steve Jobs on TV and People

A lot of rumors are going on about Steve’s new baby called Apple’s television set. You can find all sorts of predictions and excitement regarding it.

“I finally cracked it…” What does Steve meant there?

Well, it was a pain in the ass to find this clip. I was watching a two hour long blurry presentation and he came up with it. I was literally AMAZED to see how common the perspectives of positive and passionate have.

5 Reasons Why College Education Won’t Help You

drop out from college

Five reasons why professional college degree won’t help when it comes to entrepreneurship and what kind of education it takes to succeed.

‎”universities will not survive; future is outside of the traditional classroom.” – Peter Drucker (from the essential Drucker)

People these days are pursuing college education like it is some kind of a ceremony. People often think that the college will help them succeed. Obviously they are totally wrong here. I think that a decent college degree can help people to get a job and get their kitchen running.

But those times are slowly fading. I’m an entrepreneur and I want to hire talent NOT a degree. If I wouldn’t have dropped out of college, I won’t be able to pursue what I love and might end on a 9 to 8 job doing something I hate.

Listen, when it comes to choosing a career, we have to make some hard decisions. We have to believe that things will go right. We have to make things happen rather than expect them to go right.

Dropping out of college was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here are my top five reasons why college education won’t help us.


[dropcap1 color=”black”]1[/dropcap1] ONLY You Can Decide Your Destiny

You can choose to create a moment that I’m going to create the best damn product ever or you can choose to waste your time waiting for the RIGHT time to arrive. Believe me I’ve tried that, there is no such thing as “the right time.” The moment you give yourself an ignition is the only right time.

You cannot let anyone else decide your passion, other people won’t live your passion. Only you can live your passion and enjoy doing the things that you love.


[dropcap1 color=”black”]2[/dropcap1]

 You Can Provide Yourself Highest Quality of Education

You maybe the post graduate from the best university in the world but you still have to take consistent action and learn to utilize your experience in an order to succeed. This one is huge. No matter who you are, you have to understand your market and people. I’ve invested a lot of money in my education buying and going through business seminars and personal development courses and they helped me with my business. Especially Jay Abraham’s stuff. It all cost me much lower than college tuition fee.


And yes, college education is pricey. Many people cannot afford it and this is increasing the student loan debt.

Student debt

It is also a fact that 80% of the people who apply for college cannot make it to the graduation and drop out in the middle, which leaves them in student loan debt.


[dropcap1 color=”black”]3[/dropcap1]

You Cannot Succeed in the Past

Innovation is the seed of success. You can make an amazon clone, an apple clone or a Google clone because you obviously you won’t succeed. Why? Well because you ain’t doing anything new.

You are doing something that worked in the past. If you’ll see the list of successful startups then you’ll notice that almost all of them had something new. A new idea, new strategy and a new culture that they created out of thin air.

This is a common mistake entrepreneurs make and I blame the education system. We’re not taught to think and innovate. I don’t think it can be taught. We have to follow our passion without any friction or barriers to come up with something new and cool.

The stuff they taught in colleges is old and teachers have no business experience. The best way to learn business is by doing it and learning from the failure.


[dropcap1 color=”black”]4[/dropcap1]

Most of the Pioneers Don’t Have a College Degree

Most of the people who innovate, have to drop out in an order to work on it. If they haven’t dropped out then probably they haven’t been able to make it.

Steve Jobs was a college drop out

Here is the list of “New” people who changed our world:

  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Henry Ford
  3. Mark Zuckerberg
  4. Bill Gates
  5. Richard Branson
  6. Paul Allen
  7. Michael Dell
  8. Larry Ellison
  9. David Geffen
  10. Stanley Ho
  11. Mike Hudack
  12. David Kamen
  13. David Karp
  14. Kirk Kerkorian
  15. Kevin Rose
  16. YC Yang
  17. Thomas Edison
  18. Albert Einstein
  19. Tiger Woods
  20. many many more…

Here are some more: collegedropoutshalloffame.com


[dropcap1 color=”black”]5[/dropcap1]

 Education is More Important, But Which One?

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

This is so true, if you know how things work, if you have have a persuasive mindset about how things work and if you got that charge, then you will turn your failures into your strengths and you’ll rise like Jesus Christ. (Good example, isn’t it?)

Your mindset about how you process and perceive information is the key and this is what makes it happen. This is what makes a genius entrepreneur.


Igniter Tip: Business is HARD and Entrepreneurship is a Crazy Idea

This is what every entrepreneur should think of. It is NOT easy. Most people who start up in business comes up with reasons like they will have more time, more freedom and money.

It doesn’t work that way. Business takes money, time, stress and it tests your patience.

Think about it: Here are some Stats from Chet Holmes blog:

95% of businesses will never reach even $1 million in yearly sales. If you’ve done that, you are in the top 5% of entrepreneurs and you are rare and to be applauded.

For those of you who get that far, the remaining 95% won’t ever make it to $5 million. And of those who get that far, 98% won’t get to $10 million.

Very, very few go from there to $100 million and beyond.


Successful entrepreneurs are crazy with what they do. You got to be crazy with your passion. You got to have that vision thing about your market and become consistent in adding value.

If you’ll try to do what you don’t like and aren’t passionate about it, or if you’re doing something just to impress someone. Then trust me, its going to be pretty darn hard.


Think about it. What gets you going? What keeps you moving forward and preventing you from giving up?


 Bottom Line:

Dropping out is a sad phenomenon….but turning that into a multi-million dollar business is a very amazing phenomenon. It’s often heard that formal education is the death of human creativity.

Excellence comes from within, and not from textual knowledge.



Talk Soon,