Time Management Rules


Hey there, it’s me again.

Been a long time since I haven’t done any blog post.

Recently, I made this commitment of doing one really good blog post every week.

Before that I had some ideas but I didn’t write a blog post on it because I thought it was not worth it.

If I wanna do a post I’m gonna make sure it’s deep and really strategic when it comes to helping you out.

My purpose is NOT to give you information or my personal opinion. I don’t see how that can help you out…

…But to give you some things that I’ve actually implemented and things that have had greater impact in the results I’m generating in my business.

This is one of those posts… Strictly for entrepreneurs only.

Anyway, let’s start!


I was working too hard, managing 3 business that i built a few years down the road.

Money was NOT an issue.

I used to wake up in the morning, got to work. Too many things to do, small things, big things etc

I tried all kinds of productivity management stuff, it wasn’t quite working for me, I even created a course called productivity protocols learning from the process.

Either way, I was working too hard.

I was doing things I did not wanted to deal with. Thankfully I delegated most of the stuff that was eating my most of my time.

But still, there was something inside me forcing me to rethink my life and its goals. I wanted to have free time, so I can travel, play video games and learn to cook.

I discovered that what I needed to do, is to create a machine and let it run.

Web-App UI design

So I just had this cinnamon tea and I’m pumped with energy, thought would bang out the key board and pump out a nice article for ya’all

Anyway, I wanna talk about good design and how important it is for us web-app and SaaS entrepreneurs.

Well, the process is something I’ve explained in this video:


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