How To Build A SaaS Business From Scratch For Little To No-Money

The fall of CRINGE WORTHY Sales Processes

You know what used to make me cringe?

Selling stuff to people, I mean the process of selling…

I used to hate pitching stuff and using high-pressure tactics, I still do.

So I’m going to tell you a story of how I found the nirvana of sales processes…

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And The Future Of Online Marketing

Death of marketing and rise of SaaS

I hate hype titles that are click bait.

But honestly, I don’t think the title of this post is hyped up. Because it is true and deep down you agree with this as well.

A few years ago, you could’ve sold a “secret” to achieving X as a course and you would’ve gotten paid for it because of hungry buyers.

You could sell ebooks and made a ton of money doing that.

You could started a group coaching thingy and generated a handsome revenue as a result solely doing this.

The PERCEIVED VALUE in information products has been decreased drastically

The truth is that the value has been decreased to the point that it doesn’t even make sense selling those and the game has been getting harder ESPECIALLY if you’re new to a niche without any following.

...and some popular myth bursting

There is a myth that people have that you need to have some serious capital to get started with web-apps.

Most folks are scared of the complexity, so I recorded this video to burst this common myth.

You DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A TON OF CASH to get started in SaaS business.

You need a product, and there are ways to get started super fast without breaking the bank, in this video I talk about a few.

Click here to build your own SaaS business and start kicking ass!


– Wayne