Predictions: Technologies That We’ll See Most Definitely in 2020

2020 future predictions by Wayne Harrel

We’re only 7 years from 2020 and there are some amazing technologies we’ll find in the process of moving forward. A lot of people made some ambitious predictions for 2020. Being on the safe side, I’ve compiled a list of technologies that we’ll see most probably in 2020 and many of them will be standard in the industry. This list is based on investments in respected fields and the amount progress in the research.   Terabyte SSD that will be affordable Early days of web 3.0 Personalized medical diagnostics like... Read The Rest →

How To Make Money With Mobile Apps And Games

How To Make Money With Apps

There are a lot of ways you can make money with apps and mobile games. In fact, you don’t even need to be a guy to come up with ideas or sniping other working idea concepts and build it or do it yourself. In article series like this I’m going to show you various NON-TRADITIONAL ways to make money from apps and games. This is going to be a mini how to series. If you want updates then subscribe to my blog. Ways to make money with apps – Way... Read The Rest →

25 Important Health Tips For Hardcore Gamers And Prolong Computer Users

Health Tips For Extreme Computer Users And Gamers

Sitting too long can kill you fast. Decrease your age significantly, but if you follow even half of the tips mentioned below, you can do all the gaming you like without any health related risks at all.1 This also applies to the people who sit in front of a computer for extreme duration of time. If you are building a startup, consider creating an environment for everyone who works in it by taking the note of the points mentioned below. This can really enhance the creativity as well as productivity in your... Read The Rest →

What Nobody Tells You About Mobile Gaming And Application Industry

Apple Stock Falling

Recently Apple announced their record quarter. Which means they made more money than any other quarter in past. They (almost) met analyst’s prediction with their earnings. But still their stock fell drastically… Why is that? Here is why: Analysts are saying that the post PC market that Apple introduced and dominated is now on the verge of saturation. Which I think is true. There are so many iOS devices sold in past 5 years that the market is nearly saturated. Plus there is also some really good direct competition with... Read The Rest →

How To Launch An App

how to launch an app, web app or game

A Short Guide For Constructing A Launch Of Your App, Web-App Or A Game That Crushes The Charts Launching an app is highly important and strategic decision that you have to make. It is also one of the best ways to get initial active user base and make some quick cash. This short guide is only for AAA quality games, apps and web-apps – believe me – you product matters and building an inferior or ripped off product and thinking that you can pull it off in marketing is not... Read The Rest →

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