Steve Jobs’ Interview at All Things Digital Conference

Steve Jobs at All Things Digital

A Cool Interview of Apple’s Chief


After saving apple from bankruptcy, Steve is achieving milestones from one after another.

From Mac to Ipod to Iphone, Steve changed the world. The way we use gadgets. Steve at all things digital conference talks about himself and Apple. This is Definitely Worth watching.

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Tea is Healthier than Water

Green tea is healthy

I saw this news on BBC and my love for tea enhanced. I’ve been a tea drinker for my whole life. Tea is better than most or say all beverages available. So drink tea instead of stuff like bear or soda.

The coolest thing is that tea especially green, white and yellow tea has enough anti-oxidant to prevent you from certain diseases. It’s a great anti-aging drink. But the reason why I’m writing this post is just for giving you some tips and warning about tea.