The Chipset Breakfast Ep 003 – Passive Income Is BS, New Work Setup & More!

In this version, we explore some myths around passive income, why you should not focus on passive incomes and go all in on building a legitimate long-term business, and the true ways of earning money as passive income via investments into real estate, franchises and hedge funds…




The Future Of Online Advertising


So we were having this conversation, and it was a bit interesting. We are using this to draft our 2016 advertising roadmap. LMK what you think on this one by hitting me up on twitter @wayneharrel

This is just SO WRONG!

Take Action - Guru!

“You MUST take action!”

“That’s how you succeed!!!”

…a random guru said on a sales video I was watching the other night…

The Chipset Breakfast Show Ep 002 – Tesla Autopilot, killer research resources, $2.7b lost blimp and more…

It USED to hurt me


It used to scare the shit out of me. (pardon my french)

Literally I’ve had anxiety attacks where I used to have butterflies in my stomach for hours what others would think of me.

It was bad, because this was causing me to procrastinate

It was fear of rejection…

My potential prospects might reject me, or my work

It was awful. Irrational? maybe, but it was there.

You might be wondering what was that thing, that scared the living hell out of you Wayne?