Self-Esteem – Myth vs. Reality

self-esteem for adults

Lack of self-esteem plays a significant role when it comes to underperforming in business and personal life. But what you don’t might hurt you even further.

Low self-esteem is not what you are born with, or you got it from inheritance or as a gift. You got it because you have ignored the three warnings that success coaches and successful people are yelling for decades.

I know a guy name Finn, he lives in Nevada and he has these irrational fears that if he will do something he love and not focus on his job, he will probably die starving. Many people have this kind of mentality and they believe in many irrational fears about certain things happening to them. They have a fear.

What is that fear?

It is the fear of change.

And this fear of change results in low self-esteem. They start to believe that other people who made it are probably lucky or have a lot of money. This is obviously not true.

What you probably don’t know about 1% of people

The 1% are responsible for most of the taxes and people label them as greedy and hungry. What they don’t know about these 1% is that most of them were in 99% at some point in their life. They made their own way through the mud and now they are few of the happiest people on the planet.

Listen, if you have millions of dollars and you are not doing what you love, you can probably cry in a Ferrari but you won’t have that mental state in which we really love living. Trust me, I know this.

But if you love what you do and you earn a decent income, even if it’s not millions of dollars, but you will love every single day of your life.

The people with high self-esteem are no different than you are right now. They have same resources, they have a brain and consciousness. This is all you need when it comes to “physical” things and objects.

But the gap between people with low/average and high self-esteem is created by the choices they made in past. The choices were influenced by their perspective and their perspective is shaped by “the influence they have over themselves.”

Self-esteem graph

So, here is the first warning:

If you will let media and society shape your perspective by letting them influence over yourself, you are most likely to end up in the 95% which has average or low self-esteem

This is it and this is only secret of people who are successful and have high self-esteem.

You don’t need to go to weird classes and coaching programs in which they repeatedly tell you to tell yourself that you are awesome and try hard to convince yourself that you’re worth more than what you think. These types of techniques are good, except they don’t work.

The only way to feel good about yourself is to not let external negative things influence over you. If you see 1000 people failing and dying, and 10 people succeeding, what’s gonna happen?

Well, your reptilian brain will create an irrational fear of you ending up in the failing 1000. But if you see 1000 succeeding and over flow your brain with positive things, you will feel good about the choices you are making and vanish the anxiety of failure.

So, I want you to trash your TV and start getting positive influence over yourself.

Here are the action steps on how to get high self-esteem:

  1. Avoid watching TV with negative content like general news, reality TV and stuff. Watch Family guy y’all!
  2. Avoid engaging in gossips
  3. Appreciate what you have

You don’t need to look like Tom Cruise to feel good about yourself. Most of the highly influential people weren’t attractive, including Mozart, Beethoven, Edison, Tesla and many more.

You don’t need to be rich to feel good about yourself.

You don’t need to be religious in an order to feel good about yourself.

You just have to be yourself and know that people who have high self-esteem and success have same body, brain and though processing system that you have. And you gotto appreciate what you have. You can use what you have to create something wonderful.



So, what do we learn here?

Having low self-esteem isn’t your fault, it is all about the choices you make and how you think about the world and outcomes of your actions. If you can master you’re your actions, create a filter that filters the negative news from poisoning your brain and not letting any external negative forces influence you, you can master how you think and feel about yourself.

Listen, I’m creating a documentary kinda thing, it contains 3 warnings that people should be aware of, if they don’t wanna end up in the 95% of the crowd. And almost all the people (95%) are making one of these three disastrous mistakes and ignoring these warning. Go to to sign up for early notification.




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