So he FINALLY did it!

start a saas business


I was talking to our copy chief Dan today

And he has a pretty good business in dating and pickup niche.

He gross around 50 grand a month from it

Like most people in this niche, he sells info products and coaching there using publishing model (bringing experts in the game and publishing them)

Which is good. Here is why:

Because now he has that niche validated FOR HIM.

Meaning he knows what his customers wants, their buying behavior and more importantly, he has a substantial following.

But it’s not stable, it’s not safe. I’ll tell you why in a moment…

Some times, he makes a lot less, and sometimes he makes a ton.

His competition is cut throat

I mean if you’re into that niche then you know what I’m talking about.

I mean holy hell!

Not a single tier 1 traffic network like FB or google even allows dating offers on it! So they have to rely on crappy tier 3 traffic sources on sites people visit to “relieve their stresses”

So they’re shifting their focus on, yep, you guess it!

on building a SaaS product that facilitates the same thing that their info product does.

So I gave him some ideas, like creating an app that allows his customers to pull out “scenario based action items”

Create a local “pickup group,” automatic text messages based on replies, and you name it

and many more “features” I can’t talk about here cause some of the biggest guys in this field are on my list and he don’t want me to reveal all this to them 🙂

The reason for this that information products have smaller shelf lives, and coaching is a profession not a business…

Now what I’m about to share with you is a private chat I had with Dan and it has a lot of profanity in it because that’s how I talk to my partners and close friends lol

however I run a family show everywhere else so hope you understand.

Dan skype chat

So as you can see, almost all the smart marketers are doing SaaS.

Because that’s how you build a REAL business

Another thing is that you have to decide two major things that most people screw up

  1. Which solution delivery platform to choose for your SaaS app
  2. Ultra important things before you even TALK to a developer

Solution delivery platforms are simple:

Whether you want your SaaS to be an iPhone app, or a web-app.

Or just a plugin for some major SaaS like infusionsoft or Stripe.

You’ll need to know which one to select.

Second is some basics on how to TALK to your developers. This mistake cost several thousands of dollars to a client of mine.

It is really simple stuff, but good lord it hurts to see so many people making this mistake and ruining their entire businesses in some cases.

And this is also how developers lock their client and put them in a position where firing them may cost you a fortune

Which is exactly what I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s email.

Do you want my walk through blueprint on how to avoid these mistakes and build a wildly profitable 6 figure a month SaaS business step by step, without losing your hair on mistakes 80% of rookies make?

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Wayne Harrel is the founder of Zielix® Incubator, Hudson Lockwood Capital Partners and I Fired Wall Street trader's community. Wayne like video games, technology and is a productivity freak.

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